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Welcome to Year Six


We would like to tell you all about Year Six and the exciting things we do. This year we will be using Parenthub to update you and keep everyone informed of the exciting things Year Six have been doing.

Transition Information For Parents / Carers - UKS2 - 2021

Please scroll through the below document to find out more about the upcoming school year. 

Zoom Video Calls Code of Conduct


As per our message on Parent Hub, please see the attached code of conduct regarding Zoom video calls.

Code of Conduct


Week Beginning 13.9.21

Spellings - incredible, accessible, edible, legible, collapsible, flexibly, forcibly, responsibly, horribly, sensibly


Homework - We would like the children to use the application form to apply for Year Six jobs. The jobs are: head boy, head girl, house captain, prefect, mug collector, iPad monitors, classroom assistant, hall monitor, milk monitor, reception helper, chess monitor, litter picker, gardener, dollar shop assistant, assembly media team, team point collector and office helper. We have talked to the children to explain what the jobs involve. 


Reading - Try reading everyday, the children have to complete at least one box in their reading record. On Wednesday we will check the children's reading records and talk about their books with them. 



Brilliant Book List

Please see the attached list of 'Brilliant Books' recommended for Year Six by clicking on the link. Reading is a great way to escape to a different world and occupy your time. We suggest that the children read little and often, each day, in order to further enrich their well-being. 


 Friday 5.2.21 Art Activity Sheet 1 (2).pdfDownload
 Friday 5.2.21 Art Activity.pdfDownload
 Friday 5.2.21 Art.pptDownload
 Friday 5.2.21 Maths Answers Gold.pdfDownload
 Friday 5.2.21 Maths Answers Platinum.pdfDownload
 Friday 5.2.21 Maths Gold Questions.pdfDownload
 Friday 5.2.21 Maths Platinum Questions.pdfDownload
 Friday 5.2.21 Publishing Paper.pdfDownload
 Friday 5.2.21 Spellings.docDownload
 Monday 1.2.21 Maths Answers.pdfDownload
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Year Six Home Learning Work - Week beginning 25th January 2021

 Friday 29.1.20 Spellings.docDownload
 Friday 29.1.21 Art - Alphabet.pdfDownload
 Friday 29.1.21 Art Extension.pdfDownload
 Friday 29.1.21 Art Lesson.pptDownload
 Monday 25.1.21 Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 Monday 25.1.21 Maths Questions.pdfDownload
 Thursday 28.1.21 Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 Thursday 28.1.21 Maths Questions.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 26.1.21 Maths Questions and Answers.pptxDownload
 Tuesday 26.1.21 Science Activity sheet (differentiated)..pdfDownload
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Year Six Home Learning Work - Week Beginning 18.1.21


We have loved reading the children's reports this week. We have been blown away by the imagination and the quality of the writing that the children have produced! Well done Year Six. 

It has been great to see the children enjoy a wide range of the activities this week. We've been very impressed by the quality of your work. Well done Year Six!

 Friday 22.1.21 Art Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Friday 22.1.21 Guide.pptDownload
 Friday 22.1.21 Spellings.docDownload
 Maths Challenges.pptxDownload
 Monday 18.1.21 Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 Monday 18.1.21 Maths Questions.pdfDownload
 Thursday 21.1.21 Maths Questions and Answers.pptxDownload
 Thursday 21.1.21 Problem Solving Sheet.pdfDownload
 Thursday 21.1.21 Spanish Answers.pdfDownload
 Thursday 21.1.21 Spanish food presentation.pptDownload
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Year Six Home Learning Work - Week beginning 11th January 2021

We have been really pleased with all of the hard work that you have been doing - it has been a pleasure to see you enjoying the tasks that we have set. Do keep them coming in! :) 

Remember that all of the Zoom meeting details can be found via Parenthub. It has been great to see you all!

Year Six Home Learning Grid - Week Beginning Monday 11th January 2021

Sentence Types for Tuesday's English Lesson

Here are some of the sentence types and vocabulary that will suit our text type. We have some of the examples that the children have written during their online lessons. Have a go at writing your own, it will help you when you come to write your report. 

 Friday 16.1.21 Art Activity (extension).pdfDownload
 Friday 16.1.21 Art Activity.pdfDownload
 Friday 16.1.21 Art Guide.pptDownload
 Friday 16.1.21 Maths Reasoning (Gold Challenge).pdfDownload
 Friday 16.1.21 Maths Reasoning (Platinum challenge - hardest).pdfDownload
 Friday 16.1.21 Maths Reasoning Answers (Gold Challenge).pdfDownload
 Friday 16.1.21 Maths Reasoning Answers (Platinum challenge - hardest).pdfDownload
 Friday 16.2.21 Spellings.docDownload
 Geography 13.1.21.pptxDownload
 Maths Challenge Questions and Answers Week 2.pptxDownload
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Year Six Home Learning

Thank you to everyone who has sent in examples of their home learning. It has been great to so many of you this week. :)

Year Six Home Learning Grid - Week Beginning Monday 4th January 2021

Friday English 8.1.21

Now we would like you all to use the Toolkit on Activity 3 and find the features in the text. 

Also have a go at dressing up and up-levelling the boring sentences. 

1.  Monsters live in swamps.

2. Their bodies are long.

3. They eat food.

4. They are covered in hair. 

5. See if you can spot any naked nouns in the text and dress it up. 

Resources for Home Learning: Week Beginning 4.1.21

 English Unit Resource Pack (starting Thursday 7.1.21).pdfDownload
 Friday 8.1.21 Art Powerpoint.pptDownload
 Friday 8.1.21 Art.pdfDownload
 Friday 8.1.21 Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 Friday 8.1.21 Maths Questions.pdfDownload
 Maths Challenges Week 1.pptxDownload
 Thursday 7.1..21 Reading.pdfDownload
 Thursday 7.1.21 Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 Thursday 7.1.21 Maths Questions.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 6.1.21 Geography.pdfDownload
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Homework Week Beginning 23/11/20


Miss Seddon's maths: Division

Mr Brett's maths: Ordering fractions 


We would like the children to use determiners. There is a link to a great video below if you need help.


This weeks spellings are:

complied, denied, spied, retried, emptied, copied, worried, fried and married

Home Learning Activities

*Please note: the learning activities from previous weeks can be accessed further down the page.*

Children's Work

If you have any photos of your children participating in any of the challenges or tasks that we have set (or any other activities that have kept them occupied) then do send them to us via the UKS2 email address. We really do enjoy seeing what they have been up to. 

Update 6.7.2020

Tom B has really nurtured the sunflower seeds that he was given prior to lockdown, they look amazing. Keep up the good work Tom. 

We just loved Emilie's story that was based on 'pok - a - tock', she used very clear descriptions to set the scene. We really did capture the plight of the antagonist. Well done Emilie. :)

Update 18.6.2020

Milo has put in a great deal of work making his video, Skittle Nose, for your viewing pleasure. He enjoyed making it so much that this is only the first of a number of episodes. We are so pleased with his efforts and really enjoyed watching his creation. Well done, Milo!

What excellent attention to detail Aadith has displayed in his depiction of the setting within ‘The Listeners’. We are so impressed with this piece, in which he has worked hard to capture the essence of the poem. Super work, Aadith!

Update 7.6.2020

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw what Rees has been working on. What an interesting model to make (and such a versatile engine – who knew that the same style of engine could be used in so many different modes of transport?). You should be very proud of your work, Rees. Well done!

We thought Aadith’s penguin video was super. It took 190 adjustments to the models and 190 pictures to create this footage – that is dedication! We definitely think it was worth the effort. Thank you for sharing, Aadith. We really enjoyed it. :)

Update 31.5.2020

We love the creativity of Rees' stop motion animation, staring a group of rather unsuspecting Jelly Babies. You'll have to watch until the end to discover the fate of these sweet treats... Well done, Rees! We really enjoyed watching the clip.

Update 28.05 2020

It would seem that Dhairya certainly has been working hard at home. We loved his Oak Academy work: a fantastic Harry Potter report as well as detailed information on the structure of a debate. It was great to see how he had thoroughly considered the content through his use of planning. Excellent work. Furthermore, he has kept his mathematical brain ticking over with his accurate work on angles, shapes and coordinates. Well done. 

Miss Seddon was particularly impressed with Dhairya's stop-motion animation, which was based on two friends meeting. He has utilised his available resources to base his work on our previous topic. Fantastic. :) 

Update 22.5.2020

It seems like Tom B. has been enjoying learning about the Maya. He has found out about so many aspects of this ancient civilisation and we really like how he even included lots of background information about Maya masks on the back of his own mask creation. He composed a fact-filled information text all about Yellowstone and we thought the added photographs were a really nice touch. We also love his colourful take on (what we think is) the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is great, Tom! Keep up the good work.

Emilie has been working hard with her maths activities and is making good progress with her understanding of shape and co-ordinates. She has also made good use of the science resources available to label the different components and functions of the digestive system. Well done, Emilie!

Update 21.5.2020

We love Calla’s take on the D.T. project this week with her 'eggcellent' experiment involving air resistance. Watch the below video to see how the egg managed to stay in one piece despite being dropped from a great height! Great stuff.

It looks like Tom S. enjoyed writing his Harry Potter based newspaper report almost as much as we enjoyed reading it! We were highly impressed with his vocabulary choices and variety of sentence structures. Super work, Tom!

Update 19.5.2020

We love Aadith’s picture of this famous London landmark – can you recognise it? His careful use of shading added a lot of dimension to the picture and we thought the level of detail he used was excellent. Lovely work!

We can see why Oliver G. was inspired by this picture of Disneyland Paris – it looks absolutely magical! We thought his use of colour to replicate the moment in his own picture was great. His little sister, Millie, was even inspired to get have a go herself.  Fantastic!

We thought Aisya’s Mayan mask was fabulous and we love her use of feathers. We were very impressed with her badminton skills (see the video below) as 21 is not an easy number to achieve in a badminton rally against a wall - Mrs Fenney tried and failed miserably! She created a lovely oil pastel picture of Venice and a highly informative fact file about Yellowstone. Thank goodness there is such a slim chance of it erupting! We really enjoyed reading her newspaper report, too, and were pleased to see such a wide range of appropriate text features being used (whilst still being incredibly interesting to read). To top it all off, she has also been busy in the kitchen creating some amazing-looking dishes. Wonderful work, Aisya.

Update 15.5.2020

We are delighted to see how much you are enjoying our Mayans topic. Calla created a wonderfully creative mask that she was pleased with - and so were we. Well done. Aadith has also been immersing himself into this topic. He designed an authentic jaguar mask, we were so impressed with the vivid colours and intricate design. In his presentation, he really covered a wide range of topics - from their beliefs to their arts and crafts. Excellent work. :) .

Update 11.5.2020

This week, Oliver G and his family bumped into the 'Superheroes of Sale' during their daily exercise! It's great to see them in their wonderful costumes. Also, the Gray family participated in a 16km bike ride. It is lovely to see them working together as a family for a fitness goal. 

Yasmin has been very busy yet again, she has been cooking some delicious-looking dishes for her family to enjoy. She created a fantastic Mayan presentation, we love how many facts that she included. We really enjoyed seeing her work on Ramadan and her Science and English work. It is clear that she always completes her tasks to a very high standard. Yasmin and her sister decorated their house for the VE day celebrations and it looks fantastic! They even spent one evening camping in the garden and toasting marshmallows - what a fun way to spend this time. 

We were very impressed with the piano piece of music that Aisya sent in. It was simply stunning - she should be very proud. Aisya chose Emma Watson as a focus for her biography and has been playing Harry Potter Monopoly - Miss Seddon would love to try it. In her Mayan presentation, she included lots of facts and some Mayan football instructions, it looks like a very interesting game. It is really lovely to see that her sunflowers have grown so much. :). 


Update 9.5.2020

This week, Rees has worked so hard on his biography and PowerPoint about the Maya Civilisation. Alun-Wyn Jones certainly sounds like an impressive rugby player (even Mr Fenney, a devoted All Blacks fan, agreed) so he was a great subject to choose for his biography and we found it highly interesting to read. In his Mayans PowerPoint, we loved that he included the video of himself at Chichen Itza, Mexico – such a nice personal touch! We also liked the range of content he researched. We will be looking at some of those aspects of Mayan life in further detail as we progress through the topic. On top of all of that hard work, Rees also made a batch of rather tasty looking Crunchies. We will definitely be trying that ourselves! Great work, Rees.

Calla has been enjoying the great outdoors and has been getting involved in a spot of tree climbing – very adventurous, Calla! She has also been playing cricket and, amazingly, when two balls were batted at once, was somehow able to catch them both. We are not sure how she managed that but we are very impressed!

Update 6.5.2020

We can’t go to restaurants right now so at Millie T.’s house they decided to set up their very own. What a great idea! Together with her brother, Millie has been creating menus and cooking up a storm! We heard that the steak and chips went down a treat, particularly the homemade pepper sauce. She also baked a lovely cake, handcrafting a rose from icing as a final decorative touch. Superb! Millie has been keeping up with a wide range of sports, including Mr Daniel’s P.E. lessons, and created a PowerPoint about the Maya civilisation – a great start to the topic. Keep it up, Millie!

Daniel seems to have taken a real interest in our U.S.A. topic and found out lots of information about the Rocky Mountains. He used this information to create a fabulous report. Do you know how they were formed? If not, Daniel's report will tell you all about it! Lovely work, Daniel. :)

We were so pleased to receive Calla’s Gary Barlow biography. She has worked incredibly hard to include the text features of the genre and it was so interesting to read (we also loved the sound effects). We highly recommend you have a look – particularly all of you Gary Barlow fans out there. Mrs Fenney will definitely be tuning into his ‘Crooner Sessions’. Thank you for the tip, Calla!

Mina has certainly been keeping up the hard work during the lockdown and has completed so many maths, English and science activities we can hardly keep up! She has even been having a go at some G.C.S.E. maths – very impressive. She has produced some lovely, nature-based artwork and we just love her tribute to the NHS. Mina has also been spending some quality time in the kitchen and it’s wonderful to see her enjoying herself whilst getting involved in the cooking – seeing that happy smile certainly brightened up our day!

Update 4.5.2020

How nice it was to see Oliver Mc.’s completed 'I Am an Amazing Person' activity – it’s so important to recognise the qualities that make us special. He has been spending time doing some gardening and getting involved with the cooking - those pizzas look delicious! We are highly impressed with the Tudor banquet work he produced - it is clear to see he put a great deal of effort and research into the task and his menu was most informative! We also know Mr Daniels and Miss Anderson would be proud to see his Spanish to English translations all about P.E. Great stuff!

Emilie has been keeping up the good work and tried really hard with her science – just what we like to see. Mrs Fenney was also delighted to discover that Emilie is a fellow Lord of the Rings fan. You clearly have great taste, Emilie!

Wow! Aadith always impresses us with his art and we have to say, his latest creation is fantastic! This delightful piece is part of an art challenge appeal to save the Earth by stopping deforestation - such a beautiful scene and all for a worthy cause. Tremendous, Aadith. :)

Update 2.5.2020

Emilie has been busy doing lots of research for her geography work; her report on Daytona Beach was most informative and her Nashville poster really helped to capture the country music aspect of this famous city. It is great to see she is keeping up with her reading and we really liked her Tudor house – super use of authentic features, Emilie! Keep up the great work.

We are glad to hear that Calla enjoyed her film review activity. it's nice to see that she is keeping up with her maths and using some of the ‘No Nonsense Spelling strategies’ to help her learn her spellings. We were most interested in the unusual laws from the U.S.A. that she researched – we will certainly think twice before honking our horns near a sandwich shop, or cold beverage stand, after 9pm in Little Rock, Arkansas – thank you for the tip, Calla! ☺ She also produced a super illustration of the heart, labelling the different parts. A big well done to you, Calla.

Tom B. has been working incredibly hard on his geography activities; his work on Orlando and the theme parks was brilliant – we hope you enjoyed researching it as much as we enjoyed reading it, Tom! He produced a most comprehensive report about the Tudors and we loved his use of pictures in his menu. His baking looks AMAZING and we are glad to see that he is still finding the time to enjoy a good book. Super work, Tom!

This week, Yasmin has been embracing her inner scientist and we were so impressed with the work she completed on light and the human body / circulatory system - it is clear to see how much research she has put into this. We hope she enjoyed finding out more about the Grand Canyon – Mrs Fenney finds heights particularly terrifying but even she is tempted to put it on her travel wish list after reading through Yasmin’s leaflet! Her Tudor menu also looked fantastic. She has created some more beautiful artwork (and rather tasty looking scones) and Mr Daniels will also be most pleased to hear that she has been taking part in his P.E. lessons. This is excellent, Yasmin!

Update 30.4.2020

How nice it is to hear that Oliver G. has been working so hard on his biography work. We can clearly see he has spent a lot of time researching Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff and he has successfully included a range of appropriate text features. Excellent work, Oliver!

Aisya has kept us posted about all of the lovely things she has been doing. We thought her story opening was amazing (a little terrifying, but amazing!) and we loved her use of vocabulary and sentence structures to create suspense. Her Tudor work was most impressive – we thought the tea-stained menu looked fit for a king and the digital Tudor house was so creative! She has been harvesting her vegetables (we hope she used them to cook something delicious) and, on top of all that, still managed to create a colour wheel. Phew! We can hardly keep up with you, Aisya.

Nini has been spending her time creating the most beautiful paintings! What stunning use of colour. We are glad you painted these on canvas, Nini – you should definitely put them on your wall. Fabulous. J

To find out more about St. George’s Day, Cole B. immersed himself in the story of the gallant knight St. George and his legendary battle against the fearful dragon. He created a super report all about the history of England’s patron saint.  What a lovely idea!

Our mouths were watering at the sight of all the delicious goodies Daniel has been baking – we must get that carrot cake muffin recipe from him. It is nice to see him getting lots of fresh air by cycling, playing badminton and keeping his garden in tip-top condition. We loved the letter he wrote from Stanley’s ‘mom’ in Holes and we were blown away by the effort he put into his geography work on St Augustine, in Florida. He has also been enjoying creating a whole range of super character pictures. Keep up the great work, Daniel!


Update 29.4.2020

Thea has not only managed to keep up with the daily activities, she has also been taking part in her older brother’s circuit training P.E. lessons and still finding the time join in with dance classes on ‘Zoom’. We only wish we had such energy! She enjoyed her ‘up-levelling sentences’ work and included some fantastic vocabulary. Great job, Thea!

Chloe R. has also been working hard at home and we loved her use of language in her ‘slow write’. Her maths ‘Chilli Challenge’ work was great and we thought her Tudor work was simply superb. Keep up the great work, Chloe!

Update 28.4.2020

It’s wonderful to see Eden keeping so fit and healthy by undertaking so many different sporting activities – great stats on your run, Eden! He has been producing lots of highly impressive artwork and has also been keeping up with his piano practice. Just what we like to see!

We hope all of our artists have got some picture frames available – the work we have seen has certainly been worthy of display. Well done, Year Six!

Update 26.04.2020

We were very impressed with Calla's artistic chalk design - what a creative way to spend these sunny days. We particularly liked the colours and the way that the shapes fit together. Fantastic work Calla. 

Yasmin is keeping up the hard work and has continued to keep herself busy: she has completed a reading activity as well as a fantastic mindfulness activity - it really is important to stay positive during these trying times. Furthermore, her art work is simply amazing! Her mountain painting and floral display are great reminders of how beautiful nature really is. Yasmin, you really are a talented young artist - keep it up! 

Update 23.4.2020

It is nice to hear that Grace has been keeping herself so active doing the Joe Wicks activities each day and taking her dog, Vincent (great name!), for lots of walks. In addition to all of the reading, writing and maths she has been doing, she has also been enjoying a whole range of creative activities – we love your rainbow poster, Grace, and your rainbow cake looks amazing!

Matthew has been conducting some excellent research all about Yellowstone National Park in the U.S.A. and we thought his poster was simply superb. Keep up the good work, Matthew – we are so pleased you enjoyed finding out more about this rather incredible-sounding place.

Update 22.04.2020

Calla has been working very hard indeed, from Spanish to gardening. She cooked some delicious-looking naan bread and made a fabulous poster and pebbles for our NHS heroes. Fantastic work Calla! 

It's been brilliant to see Rees' story plan and opener - he really had us gripped and wanting to read on. He also created an inviting fact-filled poster and leaflet based on Bryce Canyon in the U.S.A - you have really made us want to go! It seems that he too has been a whizz in the kitchen and has been making lots of tasty treats. We also love, love, LOVE the Tudor Lego house! Very creative indeed. Well done Rees!

Emilie has also been working very hard. She has tackled her polygon problems efficiently as well as creating some exceptionally descriptive sentences for her creative English work. Well done - we loved your wide range of vocabulary. 

Oliver. G has certainly been busy. He has baked some scrumptious cookies (they made our tummies rumble). He also created some brilliant dinosaur descriptions as well as a fantastic New York City travel guide. We definitely think this would come in handy if we make any future visits. ;)

Update: 21.4.2020

Amelie has been working hard to stay fit and healthy and, together with her mum, has set herself the Couch to 5K challenge  – it looks like so much fun that even the cat has been trying to join in! Just what we like to see. :) Good luck, Amelie!

We are so pleased to see Aisya keeping up the good work and enjoying so many different activities: from baking and making clay pots, to learning new dances and creating beautiful magnified drawings. Somehow, she is still managing to keep up with so many of the suggested learning activities across the range of subjects. Aisya, you are a superstar!

Alice put her baking skills to the test while making the vanilla cupcakes and the results were fabulous! Well done Alice – they look delicious.

Yasmin has also been exceptionally busy and we have loved seeing the pictures of all of the wonderful things she has been up to. She has been sewing, baking (we are not sure we would be brave enough to hold that bowl over our heads), keeping fit and even partaking in a spot of photography – the list is endless! We showed Mrs Keeley the watercolour paintings and she was very impressed! Great job.

It’s great to see Joseph cooking up a storm – your dish looks delicious! Mr Brogan would be proud :) Joseph has also been getting stuck into his maths work and really pushed himself to keep going with the tricky angle questions. Well done, Joesph!  

Update: 16.4.2020

Aisya has been extremely busy completing lots of extra challenges, in addition to the things we have been suggesting. It's great to see you using such initiative, Aisya, and working so hard on activities you have really enjoyed. A big thumbs up from us! 

Well done on your super Tudor work, Emilie! A truly interesting read about Lady Jane Grey and your picture was simply superb! We are so pleased with your efforts. 

We are loving the geography posters we have received and they have certainly made us look forward to the time when we are all able to travel again. We could almost hear the sounds of New York City when we looked at Alice's fantastic work and Cole B's research on the Yosemite National Park definitely made us want to find out more about this spectacular-sounding place. Well done to you both!

Tom. B has been busy working on the Spanish Armada, he created a fact-filled piece of work based on his research. He also seemed to really enjoy the 'Draw with Rob' link that was sent via Parenthub.  Keep up the great work, Tom!

Previous Home Learning Activities - Week Commencing 6.7.2020

Previous Home Learning Activities - Week Commencing 29.6.2020

Previous Home Learning Activities - Week Commencing 22.6.2020

Previous Home Learning Activities - Week Commencing 15.6.2020

Previous Home Learning Activities - Week Commencing 8.6.2020

Previous Home Learning Activities - Week Commencing 18.5.2020


Half-term activities:

If you’re looking for some ideas of things to do at home this half-term, why not take some time to try an activity or two from the below document? There are loads to choose from, they cover a wide range of subjects and can all be tried without much preparation or equipment (we think they're pretty good fun, too!). 

Half Term Activities


Welcome to the week beginning 18th May 2020.


Daily overviews for suggested learning activities:

Overview of activities - Friday 22nd May

Overview of activities - Thursday 21st May

Overview of activities - Wednesday 20th May

Overview of activities - Tuesday 19th May

Overview of activities - Monday 18th May 


Accompanying resources for suggested learning activities:

Spellings - able and ible - 22.5.2020

Age old problems - challenge - 22.5.2020

Age old problems - answers - 22.5.2020

Nets of 3-D shapes - activity - 21.5.2020

Nets of 3-D shapes - answers - 21.5.2020

Slick Jim - challenge - 21.5.2020

Slick Jim - answer - 21.5.2020

How many - challenge - 20.5.2020

How many - answers - 20.5.2020

Relative clauses - deeper thinking - 20.5.2020

Relative clauses - answers - 20.5.2020

Eggs challenge - 19.5.2020

Eggs answer - 19.5.2020

100 fun indoor activities

Joy of Moving Home School Festival - 18.5.2020

Spellings - ably and ibly - 18.5.2020


Previous Home Learning Activities - Week Commencing 4.5.2020


Daily overviews for suggested learning activities:

Overview of activities - Friday 8th May

Overview of activities - Thursday 7th May

Overview of activities - Wednesday 6th May

Overview of activities - Tuesday 5th May

Overview of activities - Monday 4th May


Accompanying resources for suggested learning activities:

Spellings - cious and tious - 7.5.2020

Mastery mixed addition and subtraction - activity - 7.5.2020

Mastery mixed addition and subtraction - answers - 7.5.2020

Ramadan future plans - 7.5.2020

Ramadan thought for the day - 7.5.2020

Ramadan worksheet - 7.5.2020

Colons, semi-colons and dashes - PowerPoint - 6.5.2020

Colons, semi-colons and dashes - activity - 6.5.2020

Add and subtract fractions mastery activity - 6.5.2020

Add and subtract fractions mastery - answers - 6.5.2020

Functions of the circulatory system - PowerPoint - 6.5.2020

Functions of the circulatory system - questions - 6.5.2020

Functions of the circulatory system - answers - 6.5.2020

Adult guidance - the circulatory system - 6.5.2020

Simplifying fractions mastery challenge - 4.5.2020

Simplifying fractions mastery challenge - answers - 4.5.2020

Rocky Mountain information - 4.5.2020

Rocky Mountain information - Word version of PowerPoint - 4.5.2020


Exciting Art Challenge

We were delighted to receive the information about an art challenge from Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. There is a whole week's worth of activities you could try out, or you could choose one of your favourites and concentrate on that. There are many different types of activities from 3D modelling to digital photography and animation.  I've been inspired to pick up a paintbrush and have a go. These types of activity can been very absorbing and super ways of boosting your mental health as well as having fun. Ask an adult to help you contact the artist in residence with your contributions and you could see your work displayed in a virtual gallery.   Is there something familiar about the name?

Have fun,

Mrs Keeley


Yoga with Mrs Holden

To join in with Mrs Holden's yoga lesson, please click on the following link: Yoga with Mrs Holden


Easter Holiday Activities

Well, the Easter break is now upon us. At regular intervals, over the next two weeks, we will post additional ideas of activities you could do to keep yourselves occupied (we will be posting our second week of more comprehensive home learning tasks towards the end of the holidays). 


We have been having technical issues and have been unable to upload a lot of information to this web page. Therefore, we will be updating the suggested activities in the below Word document for you to access.


Easter Holiday Activities Information


Word document attachments related to Easter holiday activities:

Spring Themed Maths Activity Booklet



Brilliant Book List

Please see the attached list of 'Brilliant Books' recommended for Year Six by clicking on the link. Reading is a great way to escape to a different world and occupy your time. We suggest that the children read little and often, each day, in order to further enrich their well-being. 


Music - Utter Madness

If you want a bit of home exercise, dance, singing and fun, read on.

In preparation for our choir music assembly, we were rehearsing the Madness Medley from Young Voices.  It’s a compilation of a few Madness songs, complete with words and bespoke dance moves from Young Voices’ dancing expert, Andy Instone.

When we get back to school, we’d like all the juniors (and teachers) to join in with the performance to celebrate us all getting back to normal. There are five video links (four to teach the moves and the full run).  The links below should get you there, but if they don’t, just go to and search the number references. (I go driving in my car)  (Our house)  (It must be love)  (Baggy trousers)  (Full run)


As the choir already know, my dancing is already the best(!) Your challenge is to get at least one adult at home to join in the singing and dancing (video evidence accepted).

Above all, have some fun with it. There’s nothing like music to make you feel great.

Take care and best wishes,

Mr Byrne

At Woodheys we want to share as much as possible with parents and with this new app we hope to keep you up to date with your child’ learning.

  • Turn on notifications and you can see what is happening in the classroom as it is happening!

  • If you have more than one child - no problem!! You can subscribe to as may Woodheys channels as you want. 

  • You will receive regular posts each week on some of the exciting events and learning that take place at Woodheys. This will replace the year group pages on the website.


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Long Term Plan

Long term plan 2019-2020

Learning Resources


Here are a few suggested learning resources that the children can access at home:



An online version of the numbers game from Countdown. There is no timer so the children can practise using their number knowledge in a fun way.

A great resource which can help to improve the speed of calculations and knowledge of their times tables.

This is a great resource for recapping your mathematical knowledge. Mr Brett's favourite page is the puzzle page.

This website is particularly good for checking mathematical processes as it contains a large number of video explanations and examples.

A fantastic resource for practising techniques used in the SATs arithmetic paper.

We have a new subscription to Times Tables Rockstars which will help to improve tables skills. We hope you like it as much as we do! 



A great resource for practising some of the more tricky aspects of Year Six S.P.A.G.

On Education City, children can access a range of activities linked to the English Curriculum.



If you are ever stuck for what to read, or want to get into a new author, then this is a great website which allows you to read extracts from a range of authors.                                                                                                                                                              



Education city is a fantastic resource where the children can access a range of challenges and lessons from the whole breadth of the Curriculum. 

The BBC Primary website also has a great range of topic material, including video clips and various fun activities.