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Welcome to Year 5!

Please click on the link below to access our transition presentation for parents / carers. 


Transition Information For Parents / Carers - UKS2 - 2020

We would like to tell you all about Year 5 and the exciting things we do. We will also be using Parenthub to keep you updated about some of the things we have been doing.

Year 5 - where effort will always bring reward

The Upper Key Stage Two journey begins in Y5 where our school citizens are developed into motivated learners able to take charge of their learning environment. 

Throughout the learning, the core subjects of Mathematics, English and ICT link in to all the other areas.

Science, Humanities teach us about our world, while the Artsmark Gold principles underpin the creative subjects of Art, Music and Drama.

New languages, new perspectives and new physical achievements all add to the unique educational experiences in our multi sensory classroom.

We really hope this information will give you a whistle-stop tour of our fantastic work and we look forward to working together for the rest of the year.


Best wishes from all in Y5


Each week, the children will receive their homework on a Friday. This is to be completed and returned to school by the following Friday where it will be marked with the children. Spelling sheets will also be provided on a weekly basis and stuck into the children's homework books.


Zoom Video Calls Code of Conduct


As per our message on Parent Hub, please see the attached code of conduct regarding Zoom video calls.

Code of Conduct

Home Learning Resources

Please see the weekly overview for home learning below:

Attached resources:

 Area and Perimeter Consolidation Pack.pdfDownload
 Film Review Template.docDownload
 Five Minute Boredom Buster Challenges.pdfDownload
 Romero Britto Pop Art PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Spellings - Adding-ate-ise-and-ify - Application and Reasoning.pdfDownload
 Spellings - Adding-ate-ise-and-ify - Varied Fluency.pdfDownload
 Spellings - PowerPoint -Adding-ate,-ise-and-ify.pptxDownload
 Statistics Consolidation-Pack.pdfDownload
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Attached Resources 

 Activity Sheet Mapping the World Climates.pdfDownload
 Lesson 1 Complete a symmetric figure.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 Reflection.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 Reflection with coordinates.pdfDownload
 Maths extension 1a reflection.pdfDownload
 Maths extension 2a finding the mirror line.pdfDownload
 Maths extension 3a reflection with coordinates.pdfDownload
 Weekly Planning Overview - Week Beginning 6.7.2021.docxDownload
 world climate map.docxDownload
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Attached Resources

 English - Wizards Booklet.pdfDownload
 Five Minute Boredom Buster Challenges.pdfDownload
 Lesson 1 - Describe the Position.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - Draw on a Grid.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 – Position in the First Quadrant.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 – Translation.pdfDownload
 Lesson 5 – Translation with Co-ordinates .pdfDownload
 Maths Extension 1a - Describe the Position.pdfDownload
 Maths Extension 1b – Describe the Position.pdfDownload
 Maths Extension 2a - Draw on a Grid.pdfDownload
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Maths Answers 

 Answers - Lesson 1 - Describe the Position.pdfDownload
 Answers - Lesson 2 - Draw on a Grid.pdfDownload
 Answers - Lesson 3 - Position in the First Quadrant.pdfDownload
 Answers - Lesson 4 - Translation.pdfDownload
 Answers - Lesson 5 - Translation with Co-ordinates.pdfDownload
 Extension Answers - 3a - Position in The First Quadrant.pdfDownload
 Extension Answers - 4b - Translation with Coordinates.pdfDownload
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Update 24.7.2021


We're loving the creativity Noah showed with this fun pebble painting. Well done, Noah! We think it looks great. 

Update 19.07.21


Isobel has been cooking up a storm in the kitchen and baked these super tasty treats. We hope you enjoyed these delicious creations, Isobel! :)

Update 05.07.21


We are so excited to be back in school tomorrow and are looking forward to seeing everyone and we are still getting your fantastic work sent in. Here is a magical advert for a wizard school and a great advert for an art school.  

Update 02.07.21


We've had some great work in from our Year 5 cohort. As well as some extra work about the Greek God Poseidon. Just look at this fantastic poster! 

Update 01.07.21


One of the Year 5 are missing their cooking lessons with Mr Brogan so they have created some spectacular dishes at home for their family. They look super delicious well done!

We have had a few more wonderful science posters.

Update 30.6.21


We've had some great science posters sent in on electrical safety. Great job everyone. Can't wait to see the rest.


We have just found out that some of our Year 5 pupils who are part of the Sale United Under-10s Eagles football team have worked very hard through this football season and earned themselves a Europa Cup Final place in the last game of the season.

On behalf of the entire Year 5 we want to say:

Well done boys!!!

Update 4.3.2021

We have seen some excellent examples of biography writing and we are so impressed with the research and effort that has gone into writing these! We are looking forward to seeing some more of them and hearing all about the inspirational people that the children have chosen to write about during our Zoom calls tomorrow. We have also been delighted to see some of the shops that have been set up for the 'Supermarket Sweep' maths challenge - it looks like great fun was had during this activity. Just what we like to see! Christiana also made a particularly tasty-looking menu for her Italian restaurant as part of today's maths activity and Oliver has been in the kitchen busy whipping up one of our favourites - a delicious spaghetti bolognaise. Well done, everyone! 

 0 Biography Success Criteria.docxDownload
 1.3.2021 Multiplying Unit Fractions by a Whole Numbe . word problems.docxDownload
 1.3.21 Multiplying Non-unit Fractions by a Whole Number answers.pdfDownload
 1.3.21 Multiplying Non-unit Fractions by a Whole Number.pdfDownload
 1.3.21 Multiplying Unit Fractions by a Whole Number. word problems answers.docxDownload
 2.3.2021 Amazon Rainforest in a Shoebox.pdfDownload
 2.3.2021 The Mystery of The Place Value Shop Maths Game Answers.pdfDownload
 2.3.2021 The Mystery of The Place Value Shop Scam Maths Game.pdfDownload
 2.3.2021 Wildlife Challenge Cards.pdfDownload
 3.3.2021 Supermarket Sweep!.docxDownload
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Answers for 26.2.2021

Answers for 25.2.2021

Maths answers from 24.2.2021

 22.1.2021 Adding Fractions Part 2.docxDownload
 22.1.2021 Adding Fractions.docxDownload
 22.1.2021 Biography of Chris Hadfield.docxDownload
 22.2.2021 3D-HeartsTemplate.pdfDownload
 22.2.2021 Addition and Subtraction 4 in a Row.pdfDownload
 22.2.2021 Biography of Roald Dahl.rtfDownload
 23.2.2021 Add Mixed Numbers - Answers.pdfDownload
 23.2.2021 Add Mixed Numbers.pdfDownload
 23.2.2021 Addition and Subtraction Word Problems.pdfDownload
 23.2.2021 Biography Features List.docxDownload
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Update 24.2.21

It's half way through the first week already. We have been seeing a lot of great work from home. Many of you have found a lot of features in the biographies and have tackled some tricky fraction questions. We've also received a great bit of coding from Lucy GB showing some animals dancing to music. What else have you all been learning?

Update 23.2.21 

Hello and welcome to Woodheys Primary School Year 5 news broadcast. We have some breaking news weather reports from our reporters coming live from Manchester.

Update 22.2.21

Hello everyone! We hope you have had a great half term and are all excited for the next 6 weeks. We are delighted to share some of the activities you have all been doing over the half term holidays. From producing fantastic creatures, to creating exciting stories, making pancakes and helping the local area by litter picking it looks like its been an incredible half term break for you all. We look forward to the upcoming weeks and to hearing more about your holiday adventures. 

Answers from today's 'Add Fractions Within 1' challenges...

 08.2.2021 Eggnaut mission.docxDownload
 08.2.2021 Eggnaut target.docxDownload
 08.2.2021 Sudoku - Extra Hot.pdfDownload
 08.2.2021 Sudoku - Hot.pdfDownload
 08.2.2021 Sudoku - Mild.pdfDownload
 08.2.2021 Sudoku - Warm.pdfDownload
 08.2.2021 The Clapper.pdfDownload
 09.2.2021 Add Fractions Within 1 - PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 09.2.2021 Adding Fractions - Calculation Practice - Chilli Challenge – Answers.docxDownload
 09.2.2021 Adding Fractions - Calculation Practice - Chilli Challenge.docxDownload
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Update 11.2.21

Well, we can't believe it is Thursday already! We have had a super response to the activities over the last couple of days and are really excited to share the successes people have had at home. We hope you enjoy looking at everything and remember it is not too late to try anything we have put online. If you are inspired by one of the photos, just look back through the class page to find the activity and have a go over the half term holiday. Perhaps you could even refine your space capsule building technique or create your own Cessida and Cresstopher like Daniel B! Have fun. 

Update 10.2.21

We were delighted to see so many of you having fun with the Eggnaut challenge. There were some very inventive capsule constructions and parachutes. We hope you enjoy watching the videos. This week, people have also been enjoying the practical maths and Teacake Challenge from Mr Brogan as well as keeping up with their other work. Well done everyone, nearly half term!

Update 8.2.21

Hello everyone and hope you had a good weekend. We have been sent some super photos over the last couple of days and couldn't wait to share them with you. Evangeline and Lucy sent in our first entries for Mr Brogan's Tunnock's Teacake Challenge and very tasty they look too! Remember you have until February the 10th to enter so it is not too late. George also sent in some photos from a past visit to the Museum of Science and Industry where there was a fantasic space exhibition which ties in beautifully with our science topic. Keep up the good work everyone!

 1.2.2021 Inventing Measures.pdfDownload
 1.2.2021 The Game - Talk for Writing.pdfDownload
 2.2.2021 Different Measures.pdfDownload
 2.2.2021 Metric Units - PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 2.2.2021 Metric Units - Reasoning and Problem Solving.pdfDownload
 2.2.2021 Metric Units - Varied Fluency.pdfDownload
 2.2.2021 Science Space - Timeline of space travel (1).pdfDownload
 3.2.2021 Metric Units - Mastery Challenge - Answers.pdfDownload
 3.2.2021 Metric Units - Mastery Challenge.pdfDownload
 3.2.2021 Metric Units - PowerPoint.pptxDownload
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Answers for The Game comprehension questions.

Update 5.2.21

Well, it is Friday again and we can't believe how quickly the week has gone. We have received more super work and we hope you enjoy looking at it. People have really enjoyed investigating our science topic, this week, and found out about all of the different animals who have travelled into space - even jellyfish! After the success of our social Zoom on Wednesday, we will be hosting a social get together every week. We all enjoyed the fun and getting to know about each others pets. A super range of riddles kept us all guessing, too! We hope you all have a great weekend and see you again on Monday.

Update 2.2.21

Hello everyone! Good to see such an interesting selection of work over the last couple of days. Many of you have been enjoying the change from the White Rose maths and you have been using some very inventive ways of measuring. Hannah became a human ruler! We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow for the social Zoom. See you soon :-)

Example Text

 25.1.2021 Compare and Order Fractions Less Than 1 - WR - Part 2.pdfDownload
 25.1.2021 Compare and Order Fractions Less Than 1 – Varied Fluency .pdfDownload
 25.1.2021 PowerPoint Compare and Order Fractions Less Than 1.pptxDownload
 26.1.2021 Compare and Order Fractions Less Than 1 – Class Sec.pdfDownload
 26.1.2021 Compare and Order Fractions Less Than 1 – Discussion Problems.pdfDownload
 26.1.2021 The Planets in our Solar System.pptxDownload
 27.1.2021 Compare and Order Fractions Greater Than 1 – First Part – W.R..pdfDownload
 27.1.2021 Compare and Order Fractions Greater Than 1 – Varied Fluency.pdfDownload
 27.1.2021 PowerPoint - Compare-and-Order-Fractions-Greater-than-1.pptxDownload
 28.1.2021 Compare and Order Fractions Greater Than 1 – Discussion Problems.pdfDownload
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White Rose Answers

 25.1.2021 Compare and Order Fractions Less Than 1 - WR - Part 2 - ANSWERS.pdfDownload
 27-28.1.2021 Compare and Order Fractions Greater Than 1 ANSWERS to Part 1 and 2.pdfDownload
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Update 29.1.21

Happy Friday everyone and congratulations on making it to the end of another week. Once again, we have been delighted with all of the work sent in and the children's participation in the Zoom calls. It is great to see those at home and also hear about the extra activities you have been doing. The Chan family had great fun in the snow last weekend and have kindly shared the pictures of their snow fort - very impressive bit of DT there! Next week, we are trying to include a few extra well being activities for you to enjoy as a family and we would love to hear about how you got on. Don't forget to look after your furry friends too, if you have a pet. It's great to get out in the fresh air and walk the dog; furthermore, sitting and stroking your cat or guineapig is very soothing too. Miss Will has taken on a virtual 40 mile walk around Thailand with her dogs, Suzy and Basil, and they only have 6 miles to go! Mrs Fenney has also got into walking and is completing two long walks, from home, every weekend. Buster and Bella, the cats, are always pleased to see her when she returns. Feeding the wild birds is also rewarding at this time of year when food is scarce for them. Mrs Keeley had fun feeding some robins in her local park recently. We hope the weather is a little kinder this weekend so we can all go out for some fresh air and you can enjoy the well-earned rest. We look forward to seeing you again next week. 


Update 28.1.21

We have been delighted to see all your hard work you have put in creating your new animals. It has been very interesting to read all about these talented creatures.

Update 27.1.21

 Thank you for all the wonderful work we have received in the last couple of days. We are very impressed with the attention to detail, the careful following of success criteria and use of a formal style - David Attenborough would be proud! Miss Will is also thrilled with all of the science work.

Update 25.1.21

We have received some more of your fantastic work from home. Including a poetry recital that we are pleased to share with you here. 

Update 22.1.21

 We have had such a super response to the week's activities that we couldn't resist one last update before the weekend.  Well done everyone and enjoy the rest this weekend.

 18.1.2021 English Talk for Writing Booklet.pdfDownload
 18.1.2021 Equivalent Fractions Master Extension - Answers.pdfDownload
 18.1.2021 Equivalent Fractions Mastery Extension.pdfDownload
 18.1.2021 Equivalent Fractions W.R..pdfDownload
 18.1.2021 Shading Practice.docxDownload
 18.1.2021 Valley of Lost Secrets.docxDownload
 19.1.2021 Improper Fractions Extension - Answers.pdfDownload
 19.1.2021 Improper Fractions Extension.pdfDownload
 19.1.2021 Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers W.R..pdfDownload
 19.1.2021 Season Pop Up.pdfDownload
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White Rose Answers

 18.1.2021 Answers - Equivalent Fractions.pdfDownload
 19.1.2021 Answers - Improper to Mixed Numbers.pdfDownload
 20.1.2021 Answers - Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions.pdfDownload
 21.1.2021 Answers - Number Sequences.pdfDownload
 22.1.2021 Answers - Compare and Order Fractions Less Than 1.pdfDownload
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Update 22.1.21

Good morning and 'Happy Friday'. Well done to everyone for working so hard to complete this week's activities. We are very proud of all of your efforts and have been so pleased to be able to share them on the class page. Keep up the good work and enjoy the weekend.

Update 19.1.21

Great to see everyone concentrating so well on the Zoom calls today. We enjoyed receiving the responses through the chat function. Miss Will is adding to our technical expertise by trying out Nearpod with her science lessons. We hope you enjoyed it.

Update 18.1.21

Hello everyone and we hope you have had a good weekend. We have been trying to get out and walk in the fresh air to keep our fitness levels up. It is good to know the days are getting a little longer and we are starting to see new shoots appearing from the ground. We are delighted to see and share the latest pieces of work which have been sent in. Have a good week everyone.

 11.1.2021 Art Zentangle.docxDownload
 11.1.2021 Discussion Problems -Multiply-4-Digits-by-1-Digit.pdfDownload
 11.1.2021 English Talk for Writing Booklet.pdfDownload
 11.1.2021 Multiply-4-digits-by-1-digit.pdfDownload
 11.1.2021 Reasoning and Problem Solving - Multiply-4-Digits-by-1-Digit.pdfDownload
 12.1.2021 Discussion Problems - Multiply-2-Digits-by-2-Digits.pdfDownload
 12.1.2021 Multiply-2-digits-by-2-digits.pdfDownload
 12.1.2021 Phases of the Moon Instructions.pptxDownload
 12.1.2021 Phases of the Moon.docxDownload
 12.1.2021 Phases of the Moon.pptxDownload
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Weekly White Rose Answers

 11.1.2021 Answers Multiply 4-digits by 1-digit.pdfDownload
 12.1.2021 Answers Multiply 2-digits by 2-digits.pdfDownload
 13.1.2021 Answers Multiply 4-digits by 2-digits.pdfDownload
 14.1.2021 Answers Divide 4-digits by 1-digit.pdfDownload
 15.1.2021 Answers Divide with remainders.pdfDownload
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Update 15.1.21

It has been a great week for Year 5. We have enjoyed seeing all your hard work and all your pictures. From your English comprehensions and maths work to your maps of South America and your spellings you've all done great. Enjoy the weekend and we'll see you all next week. 

Update 14.1.21

Another great day of zooms. Thank you all for sending in your work. We've had some more inventive animals, space moon models and geography. We look forward to seeing more of your work today. The model moons were brilliant as well as the solar system. We hope you enjoyed making these brilliant models. 

Update 13.1.21

It has been lovely to catch up with you all today and see how hard you are working. I think we are all getting a little more used to learning at a distance and being more confident at participating in the lessons. Even a few pets are looking more informed! :) We hope you enjoy seeing the most recent items sent in. 

Update 12.1.21

We are delighted with all of the hard work which has been taking place at home. It is also good to see how well people are organising themselves for their Zoom calls. Sitting at a table, with your papers ready in front of you, makes the work much easier to complete. Keep up the good work, everyone. You are all superstars!

 6.1.2021 Multiply-by-10-100-and-1000 - Discussion Problems.pdfDownload
 6.1.2021 Reasoning and Problem Solving -Multiply-by-10-100-and-1000.pdfDownload
 6.1.2021 Speech - Hot.docxDownload
 6.1.2021 Speech - Mild.docDownload
 6.1.2021 Speech - Warm.docxDownload
 6.1.2021 White Rose Multiply-by-10-100-and-1000.pdfDownload
 6.1.2021 Zentangle ideas.docxDownload
 7.1.2021 Comprehension-Penguins-Brainbox.pdfDownload
 7.1.2021 Comprehension-Penguins-Genius.pdfDownload
 7.1.2021 Comprehension-Penguins-Tricky.pdfDownload
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Weekly White Rose Answers

 6.1.2021 - Answers - Multiply-by-10-100-and-1000.pdfDownload
 7.1.2021 - Answers - Divide-by-10-100-and-1000.pdfDownload
 8.1.2021 - Answers - Multiples-of-10-100-and-1000.pdfDownload
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Update 11/01/21

 Here is another selection of your work sent in from home. Thank you for showing us all your hard work.

Update 08/01/21 

Thank you all for working so hard on the activities we have set so far. It is lovely to see you on the Zoom sessions too. Here is a selection of your fabulous achievements so far and thank you for sharing your work. 

Update 07/01/2021

We love seeing all the creativity in Year 5 this week. Many of you have sent in your Zentangle pictures and they all look fabulous. 

We've also received this fabulous geography poster. We're looking forward to seeing all your future projects. Please send in pictures of your hard work. 

Learning Resources

Here are a few suggested learning resources that the children can access at home.


An online version of the numbers game from countdown. There is no timer so the children can practise using their number knowledge in a fun way.

A great resource which can help to improve the speed of calculations and knowledge of their times tables.  

This is a great resource for recapping your mathematical knowledge. Mr Brett's favourite page is the puzzle page.




If you are ever stuck for what to read, or want to get into a new author, then this is a great website which allows you to read extracts from a range of authors.



 Education city is a fantastic resource where the children can access a range of challenges and lessons from across the whole curriculum.

A List of 100 Recommended Reading Books for Year Five and Six Children

This is a list of suggested Year Five and Six texts. Please note: some of these texts are meant for the more mature reader. We would advise you to read an online synopsis of each book before purchasing or borrowing to ensure that you are happy for your child to child to read it. If your child would like to discuss any of the themes within these books, they are very welcome to speak to a member of the Upper Key Stage Two team. 

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5