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Woodheys Primary School

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Woodheys Primary School, Meadway, Sale, Cheshire, M33 4PG

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Woodheys Primary School, Meadway, Sale, Cheshire, M33 4PG


 Welcome to Year 3

We would like to tell you all about Year 3 and the exciting things we do. We will also be using Parenthub to update you and keep everyone informed of the exciting things Year 3 have been doing.

A message from your teachers

Meet the Year 3 Team

Home Learning Activities 

We endeavour to find the balance between offering families support but not overwhelming you with tasks; we know many of you will have a lot going on in your day to day lives. We will provide a range of resources from curriculum based tasks, online learning, creative activities and practical skills.


Zoom catch up meeting 15.7.20

For our final Zoom chats each class will have one meeting for all members of the class. The meetings will be at 1pm on Wednesday 15th July and  Meeting ID and passwords will be put on ParentHub on Monday 13th July. 


Y3CH can look forward to a quiz and so will need a pen/ pencil and something to write on and Y3C will be getting active with a scavenger hunt. We look forward to seeing you all there. 


Important information about our Zoom chats are below:

 Zoom Calls letter.docxDownload
 zoom code of conduct.pdfDownload
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Week beginning 13th July

 1. 13.7.20 Measuring Perimeter.pptxDownload
 2. 13.7. 20 Activity Sheet Measuring Perimeter.pdfDownload
 3. 13.7.20 challenge Compare Lengths.pdfDownload
 4. 13.7.20 challenge Answers - Compare Lengths.pdfDownload
 5. 14.7.20 Measuring Grams.pptDownload
 6. 14.7.20 1 star Activity Sheet Measure Mass.pdfDownload
 7. 14.7. 20 2 star Activity Sheet Measure Mass.pdfDownload
 9. 14.7.20 the floating egg.docxDownload
 10. 15.7.20 Year-3-Summer-Term-2-SPaG-Activity-Mat-2.pdfDownload
 8. 17.7.20 3 star Activity Sheet Measure Mass .pdfDownload
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Week beginning 6th July

 1. 6.7.20 Measuring in Millimetres.pptDownload
 2. 6.7.20 Activity Sheet - Measuring 1 star.pdfDownload
 3. 6.7.20 Activity Sheet - Measuring 2 star .pdfDownload
 5. 6.7.20 Sports Day Word Search.pdfDownload
 4. 6.7.20 Activity Sheet - Measuring 3 star.pdfDownload
 6. 7.7.20 Measuring in Mixed Units.pptDownload
 7. 7.7.20 Measuring in Mixed Units 1 star.pdfDownload
 8. 7.7.20 Measuring in Mixed Units 2 star.pdfDownload
 9. 7.7.20 Measuring in Mixed Units 3 star.pdfDownload
 10. 8.7.20 apostrophes sheet.pdfDownload
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Week beginning 29th June

 1. 29.6.20 3D Shapes Properties Table Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 2. 29.6.20 Buddhism comprehension.pdfDownload
 3. 29.6.20 Buddhism comprehension answers.pdfDownload
 4. 30.6.20 david-walliams-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity-english_ver_5.pdfDownload
 5. 30.6.20-the-story-of-the-buddha-powerpoint-_ver_3 (1).pptDownload
 6. 1.7.20 Estimating and Measuring Lines.pdfDownload
 7. 1.7.20 Places-of-Worship-Buddhist-Temples-KS2-Powerpoint_ver_2 (1).pptDownload
 8. 1.7.20 Buddhist Temple postcard.docxDownload
 9. 2.7.20 60 second read Spotting a Tsunami.pdfDownload
 10. 2.7.20 Measuring in Centimetres.pptDownload
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Week beginning 22nd June

 1. 22.6.20 we are all different.pptDownload
 2. 22.6.20 Describing 2D Shapes.pptDownload
 3. 22.6.20 Activity Sheet Drawing 2D Shapes.docDownload
 4. 22.6.20challenge Recognise and Describe 2D Shapes - Vertical.pdfDownload
 5. 22.6.20 challenge answers Recognise and Describe 2D Shapes.pdfDownload
 6. 22.6.20 earthquakes-powerpoint_ver_3 (1).pptxDownload
 7. 22.6.20earthquake-information-activity-sheet.pdfDownload
 8. 23.6.20 Martin Luther King Comprehension.pdfDownload
 9. 23.6.20 Describing 3D Shapes.pptDownload
 10. 23.6.20 Activity Sheet Describing 3D Shapes.pdfDownload
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Week beginning 15th June

 1. 15.6.20 volcanoes-reading-comprehension-activity_ver_2.pdfDownload
 2. 15.6.20 Right Angles in Turns.pptDownload
 3. 15.6.20 maths worksheet.pdfDownload
 4. 15.6.20 maths challenge.pdfDownload
 5. 15.6.20 maths challenge answers.pdfDownload
 6. 15.6.20 all-about-volcanoes-information-powerpoint-_ver_5 (1).pptDownload
 7. 15.6.20 all-about-volcanoes-activity-sheet-english_ver_1.pdfDownload Angles in 2D Shapes and Turns.pptDownload angle finder worksheet.docDownload
 10. 16.6.20 Right Angles in 2D Shapes.docDownload
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Week beginning 8th June 

 Journey to the jungle.pdfDownload
 Numbers in spanish.docxDownload
 Animals in spanish.docxDownload
 Spanish tongue twister.docxDownload
 Spanish days of the week.pdfDownload
 Year 3 and 4 spellings.pdfDownload
 Chapter 4.docxDownload
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Half term activities

Although it is half term, there are still lots of activities available to keep the children busy! Follow the links to the websites for a variety of activities.  

Week beginning 18th May 

 The Stone Trolls.pdfDownload
 Chapter Three - The BFG.docxDownload
 Pet Care of a Guinea Pig Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity.pdfDownload
 Monday - parts of a plant presentation.pptDownload
 Activity Sheet Parts of a Plant Folding Leaflet Colour.pdfDownload
 Wednesday - Moving Water presentation.pptDownload
 Thursday - flowers and pollination.pptDownload
 Flower dissection.docDownload
 The pollination process.docDownload
 Friday - the life cycle of a plant.pptDownload
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Our wonderful work

Week beginning 11th May 

 Chapter Two BFG.docxDownload
 Franco letter.docxDownload
 Italian coastal town.docxDownload
 Italy reading comprehension.pdfDownload
 Questions about italy.docxDownload
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Our wonderful work!

Week beginning 4th May 

 Faster and Slower PP.pptDownload
 Fossils reading comprehension.pdfDownload
 Friction PP.pptxDownload
 Make your own jar compass.docxDownload
 matchbox cars.docxDownload
 slippery snake.docxDownload
 Sporty forces PP.pptxDownload
 sporty forces task cards.docxDownload
 The Truth About Trolls.pdfDownload
 word of the day consolidation task.docxDownload
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Our wonderful work!

Exciting Art Challenge

We were delighted to receive the information about an art challenge from Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. There is a whole week's worth of activities you could try out, or you could choose one of your favourites and concentrate on that. There are many different types of activities from 3D modelling to digital photography and animation.  I've been inspired to pick up a paintbrush and have a go. These types of activity can been very absorbing and super ways of boosting your mental health as well as having fun. Ask an adult to help you contact the artist in residence with your contributions and you could see your work displayed in a virtual gallery.   Is there something familiar about the name?

Have fun,

Mrs Keeley

Week beginning 27th April 

 30 day art and dt challenge.docxDownload
 All about the Titanic.pptDownload
 Captain Tom comprehension.pdfDownload
 europe jigsaw.pdfDownload
 forces and magnets.docxDownload
 inference pictures.docxDownload
 non fiction book review.pdfDownload
 push and pull worksheet.docDownload
 pushing and pulling.pptDownload
 Titanic diary entry.docxDownload
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Our wonderful work!

Week beginning 20th April 

 Garden Birds.pdfDownload
 Roman numeral template.pdfDownload
 titanic reading comp.pdfDownload
 Time Capsule Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
 guided reading 20.04.docxDownload
 Rainbow scavenger hunt.docxDownload
 spell your name workout.docxDownload
 time 21.04.docxDownload
 time 22.04.docxDownload
 expanding gases 24.04.docxDownload
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Our wonderful work!

Week beginning 13th April 

 SPaG activities.pdfDownload
 addition and subtraction 14.04.docxDownload
 Science experiment.docxDownload
 Book review.pdfDownload
 Titanic vocabulary.pdfDownload
 I SAW A WABUB.pdfDownload
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Week Beginning 23rd March

READING:  David Walliams is reading some of his work everyday. It would be great to listen to him while drawing a picture of his characters. Follow the link to listen in.



Take a look at what we will be learning about this year.   Year 3 long term plans.



Reading records and books - Everyday

PE Kits - Fridays

Homework - Wednesdays

Spellings and Timetables - Fridays



As part of the PSHE curriculum the children will study a range of topics relating to real world issues. 

Please see this document for more details.