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What is our INTENT for Science at Wooheys Primary School?

Every Child is a Scientist” – “Science is about the miracle of the mundane and children can appreciate this best

Susan Bosak

  • To ensure more links with PE to raise awareness of anatomy and physiology and how a knowledge of science can help with health fitness and lifestyle.
  • Raise awareness of mental health through teaching discrete lessons during Mental Health week and thinking about how stress and depression can affect our mental health.
  • Ignite curiosity and wonder through planned Science trips/visitors into school which engage the children
  • Utilise local science resources on our doorsteps like RHS Bridgewater
  • Provide platforms for our Woodheys community to get involved with science by getting families working together to make an amazing science project at home and celebrate these achievements at an American Style Science Fair.
  • Hold an annual Science week to spread out a plethora of hands on science investigative activities across a week.
  • Celebrate our achievements in science throughout the school
  • Provide extra curricular Science club opportunities for KS1 and KS2


We want to ensure that we provide regular experiments and practical investigative work in science. We want to utilise a range of assessment sources to inform teacher judgements - not solely relying on writing as a form of assessment for Science. We will assess though speech, observations,class debates and presentations. 

Science Curriculum coverage