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What is our INTENT for Geography at Woodheys?

  • Every classroom will have a globe and world map (maps should be used as working documents to label places throughout the year linked to topic/ interests.)
  • Every class will complete one fieldwork trip/ project outside of the school grounds each year (This could be incorporated into RHS trips?)
  • Every child will take part in a Geography Day once a year to learn key skills and objectives (The whole school focus will be different each year.)
  • There will be a whole school focus on ‘sticky knowledge’ and referring back to previously taught skills and objectives (Can you still…? And Vocabulary boards should be displayed in each classroom to ensure this.)
  • There will be a whole school focus on geographical skills (such as compass directions, map skills, scale, grid referencing, latitude & longitude etc.)
  • There will be a cross-curricular approach to teaching Geography throughout the school and key skills, objectives and vocabulary should be regularly referred to during other subjects.
  • Children in Early Years will be taught key geographical terms and skills which should be assessed in the Summer term using the whole school geography assessment grid