Woodheys Primary School

Together Everyone Achieves More


Welcome to the Friends of Woodheys!!


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News - we have won the right to be a "local cause" for contributions by the Coop. This has the potential to raise thousand of pounds towards resources for our children. Click the banner below for further information.

Who are we?

We are the Friends of Woodheys (formally the Parent Association) - a team of parents, neighbours, governors, teaching and non-teaching staff, grandparents and other friends and families related to Woodheys Primary School.

The FoW raises over £11,000 per year for extra exciting projects such as refurbishing our library, sets of i-pads for departments, external play and learning resources/sound system for the hall etc. In this day and age of cut backs, these funds make all the difference to our children.

We are delighted to report that we have a bank of email/contact details of people who can help us to ‘man’ a stall/position at an event. However, we still need people who can help us organise and run various events, as well as people who would join us to run the FoW. FoW events are organised by different teams so your commitment can be as great or small as you can offer. Please contact us woodheyspa@outlook.com if you could spare some time to make Woodheys PS an even more exciting school!

The key to our success is YOU!! We always welcome and appreciate your participation/ideas/little help etc. Let us know if you can... 

  • Tell us what would enable/tempt you to attend FoW meetings
  • Share with us any original ideas for us
  • Organise a ‘one off’ fund raising, fun event with your circle of friends and our support
  • Be the social secretary for your child’s class or year group (we can help you to link with other parents)
  • Use your talent/ideas in anyways to keep us going...

We look forward to your positive contribution!