Woodheys Primary School

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Introduction to Peace Projects


Tim Burgess again visited our school..........and created an amazing Dove of Peace.  His latest sculpture can be seen by all as a centre piece to our own " Rainbow Peace Garden". 

Pictured are Mrs Daniels, David Gray a minister and Franciscan brother, Casey and Lara.


United Nations International Day of Peace 21st September www.peaceoneday.org.


Coins for Charity

Foreign coins from your summer holidays and old British coins, can help vulnerable children, young people and their families. A tin is situated on our main school corridor. Ann Dewhurst, a worker, for the Peace movement, and this charity, attended our assembly on International Peace Day to collect the coins and help to plant our commemorative roses in our Peace garden, next to the labyrinth, to commemorate the day.


The roses are called “Peace”, “Love” and “Compassion”.


A new radio station devoted to Peace can be found at Peace FM 9.1



Please watch our Supreme Master Video >>


Peace to our Woodheys Community

As an accredited International School pupils are encouraged to work on the promotion and understanding of the concept of ´peace´ both locally and nationally. Our environmental work particularly helps, as most environmental problems transcend national boundaries and therefore require solutions that are mutually reinforced at global, regional, national and community levels.

As the words of the song go:

"I believe the children are our future,

teach them well and they will lead the way".

Our lessons include debate, mediation, resolving conflict, social justice, making decisions/choice and simple ideas for getting along with each other and being kind and supportive to our peers.

A very interesting website is www.peaceoneday.org which promotes the United Nations International Day of Peace.




Displays around our school

The silk wall hangings pictured below were created by Sally Anne Wearings and are on display at school.

Sally Anne is able to provide workshops in schools.  01422 843823 www.silksoflight.co.uk







I dreamed I saw an angel 

I dreamed I saw an angel

She was watching over me

Her wings were white and full of light

A wondrous thing to see.


Her smile could light the darkest night

Chase the shadows far away

She would seem to calm the dream

And you’d wish for her to stay.


An angel takes you by the hand

When your tired out and worn

And will be near to wipe a tear

Tomorrow when you mourn.


She gives you comfort when you’re sad

And the angel dust she spreads

Will cast a glow when you feel low

And light the way ahead.


An angel hears the children’s cries

And when we’re in distress

We asked in prayer: "Is someone there?"

Will always answer "Yes!"

Rod Varley. Daily Mail 20.12.06

"M a n n a "

Mother Earth´s heart beats
the rhythm resounds
in us all
brother, sister
we are called
to hear the message
that rings in the smoke
from Love´s fire
flaming within
forever.... as together
in harmony we uphold
the pipe of Peace
saluting Father Sky
and Mother Earth
as above so below
may the Light flow
may Peace prevail
as we walk the talk
rainbow brothers and sisters
together forever, forever together.


This silk hanging is situated in our "Rainbow Room."



Further websites linked to Peace."