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British Muslim Heritage Centre -  College Road Chorlton Manchester M16 8BP  - 0161 881 8062

events@bmhc.org.uk   Contact name:- Shahfaz


Altrincham Muslim Association extends warm invitations to schools.

Islamic Cultural Centre, Grove Lanem Hale, Altrincham Cheshire WA15

The Centre is a working Mosque and has a separate room for meetings, lessons and refreshments.

Please contact Elinor Chohan on elinor@mpchohan.com or Tel:  07979495940



Islam is a way of life for millions of people.

Followers of Islam are called Muslims, an Arabic word which means “I submit”.

Muslims believe in one God called ‘Allah’. (This is the same God that Christians and Jews believe in.)

Allah gave his message to a prophet called Muhammad, over 1,400 years ago.

Muslims submit to the will of Allah, which they learn from their holy book, the Koran (sometimes written as Qur’an).

Muslims try to follow the ‘Five Pillars of Islam’.  These are:

1.     To declare belief in one God, Allah.

2.    To pray five times each day.

3.    To give to those in need.

4.    To eat and drink nothing from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan.

5.    To make a pilgrimage to Makkah (sometimes written Mecca) where Muhammad was born.

Prayer is very important to Muslims.

Muslims pray at dawn, midday, mid afternoon, sunset and at night.

They must face towards Makkah as they pray.

In the mosque, a special arch shows which is the right direction to face.

Before Muslims pray, they wash their hands, feet and face to prepare themselves to talk to Allah.

Preston, A. (2004) “All in Good Faith – Thirty Six Primary School Assembly Stories.”Topical Resources: Preston

All faiths have ecology and caring for Mother Earth as a strong element.  Muslims also feel very strongly about their responsibility to take care of our planet.  Iftikar Awan of Altrincham’s Inter Faith group and a member of the Altrincham Mosque is also a member of IFEES (The Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Enviro Sciences.

See www.ifees.org.uk


Ismaili Temple in London

Mrs Daniels accompanied by Vanessa Maskell (Global Peace Prayer) visited the Ismaili Temple in London.



Hajira Ganie Cape Town South Africa

On Mrs Daniels trip to Cape Town she met a Muslim lady called Hajira Ganie who is an Interfaith Tour Leader.

email - info@ aktours.co.za website - www.aktours.co.za

They went to a traditional Muslim Restaurant in District 6 in Cape Town.


Hajira took Mrs Daniels around a selection of Islamic Mosques. Cape Town is a very special    place  for Muslims as it is "protected" by 23 Islamic Spiritual Leaders which are buried around the Cape. The first Muslim leader to arrive in Cape Town  established this Mosque and retold the Koran from his heart and handwrote two copies. Mrs Daniels was invited into the ladies section of the Mosque she wore the traditional clothing given to her by Mrs Shahid our Lunchtime Organiser.




Mrs Daniels was introduced to the Inman’s Wife. (The faith leader in a mosque.)

Here are the men of the Mosque reciting the Koran by heart.

Abdul showed Mrs Daniels around the Mosque in Durban which is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. He loved his Peace Mala as he is a theologian in comparative religions.