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Long Term Plans


Long Term Plans 2017-18

Here are the long term plans for Year One to Year Six 2017 - 2018. Each topic is written as a question with the children, through a series of exciting and engaging lessons, being given the opportunity to formulate their answers.

Year One

Year Two

Year Three 2017 - 2018

Year Four 2017- 2018

Year Five 2017 -2018

Year Six


 Curriculum Overview

It is important that we inform you also about the new curriculum expectations for each year group. Please find the relevant information below.

EYFS curriculum overview

Year 1 curriculum overview

Year 2 curriculum overview

Year 3 curriculum overview

Year 4 curriculum overview

Year 5 curriculum overview

Year 6 curriculum overview



How we teach phonics

How we teach Reading

Example home reading Questions (1)

Example home reading Questions (2)

Strategies for decoding


How to improve in Maths

KS1 Maths Parent Workshop

Mathematics Calculation Policies

Maths Calculation Policy Rec, Years 1 and 2

Maths Calculation Policy Years 3 and 4

Maths Calculation Policy Years 5 and 6



 As announced by the Government in 2015, schools will now be expected to assess children's progress without levels. Please look at the document link below to find out a little further about how this will be done.

 Assessment without levels

Key Stage One Government Assessments


How can I help my child I Writing?

The following websites are superb and really support your child’s understanding in Writing:

At the moment, in school, we are using the Alan Peat materials to really help the children improve the quality of their sentences.  Parents often ask how can I help my child to improve their writing well here’s how.  Click on the link below and you will find 25 different sentence types your child can use in their writing:

How to improve my writing

We would love to see these being used in your child's homework or any other writing they choose to undertake!


How else can I help my child I Maths?

The following websites are superb and really support your child’s understanding in Maths:

However, the following website is probably the best.  It has tutorial videos and follow-up activities: