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School Logbook


The School Log Books
The School has two large log books containing information of day to day events which have happened at Woodheys over the years.
Here are some extracts:
Alfred. C. Bessant appointed Head Teacher from 1st August 1938
Aug 22nd 1938
School opened at 9 a.m
Number on roll: 111
Aug 23rd 1938
The Nursery class was opened at 9 a.m with 20 children (ages 3 to 5) on roll.
Sept 29th 1938
School closed this p.m to enable all teachers to attend a meeting on Air Raid precautions in schools.
Nov 2nd 1938
The Headmaster left school at 2.30 p.m to attend the official opening of Sale Public Library.
Nov 28th 1938
58 children absent. Epidemic of whooping cough.
Jan 28th 1946
School closed. No heat. Explosion in boiler on 27th at approx 12:30. Caretaker slightly injured suffering from shock.
Jun 5th 1948
A child had finger trapped in Hall door before Assembly commenced. Report made.
Jul 21st 1949
A pupil (aged 5) tripped over chair on going to teacher, fell upon table and cut over left eye which necessitated teacher taking child home. Doctor´s advice suggested.
Nov 27th 1952
Mr A.C. Bessant, Headmaster, absent all day. Director´s committee on ´Teaching of Dull Children.´
May 22nd 1953
School closes for Whitsuntide and Coronation Holidays. Coronation souvenirs (mugs) were presented this afternoon following a service.
Jun 18th 1953
School attended cinema to see ´A Queen is Crowned.´ 9:15 to 12.
Jun 20th 1953
The Stamp Club was taken to a stamp exhibition in Manchester.
Sep 16th 1953
On arrival at school, the caretaker reported that Headmaster´s room had been broken into. Police were called.
Dinner money 17/3
Teacher sub 2/6
Savings group stamp stock £15
Jun 30th 1955
On arrival at school. I found that my room and office had been broken into. A mains radio set is missing. Damage to Head´s Desk and office table. Police called.
Jun 6th 1956
A child was standing on the playground with a group of children watching a Bulldozer at work on the playing field. She was accidentally pushed off the playground and fell against the wheel of the machine. Arm broken.
Jul 4th 1959
21st birthday celebrations. Garden party.
Jan 21st 1963
Accident to pupil in reception class. Child fell off child in classroom and suffered cut beneath jaw.
Aug 31st 1963
Mr A.C. Bessant, Headmaster since the school opened in 1938, a period of 25 years, retires from teaching and thus resigns as Headmaster from today.
Sep 2nd 1963
School reopened at 9 a.m with Mrs Pawson as Acting Head Teacher.
Nov 7th 1963
Mr Royce. B. Foster commenced duties as Head Master of this school this a.m.
Mar 22nd 1974
Seven broken windows in toilet roof repaired. One pane of glass smashed by a flying marble.
Nov 6th 1974
During the night the school was broken into in two places, staff room and classroom 9. The suspect windows by which entry was gained require replacement fasteners, and the staffroom chairs, subjected to the worst of the vandal´s indignities ought to be replaced for health reasons.
Jul 20th-21st 1976
During evening of 20th, two vandals broke into classroom 11, broke statuette (used for 100% attendance.)
Sep 1st 1982
Mr G.A. Hadfield officially took over as Headteacher.
Sep 10th 1982
Thoroughly enjoyed my first week as Headteacher.
Apr 21st 1983
Introduction of new £1 coin mentioned at assembly.
Mar 2nd 1984
Severe gales- damage caused to Nursery storage hut- blown off it´s base and overturned- still in one piece- unable to remove toys. Office inundated with damage reports- they were unable to send immediate help.
Dec 7th 1984
School tree decorated.
Jan 4th 1985
Called out to school by the caretaker. School broken into during the night. The computer, monitor, disc drive, cassette recorder and software- total value of approximately £800.
Sep 15th 1988
Official 50th Birthday Celebration. The chief Education Officer came to unveil a commemorative plaque at the front of the school.
Feb 14th 1992
Official opening of the new library. Children came dressed for the day as book characters. Fred Talbot the weatherman from Granada TV performed the official opening and made his TV weather forecast from the library.
Aug 31st 1997
Mr Hadfield took early retirement.
Dec 5th 1997
Mrs L. Daniels officially made Head Teacher.
Sept 1st 2017
Mr Jon Beisly New Head Teacher