Woodheys Primary School

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History of the School


A Brief History of Woodheys Primary School.


The school was built in 1938. At the time it had a number of new features such as Cheshire´s first public nursery class. Also, as a first experiment in the county, gas was used in the heating system.

At the time a local newspaper reported, "The opening was a great occasion for the children and the parents of the Woodheys district. The children of three to eleven years of age were going to be gloriously housed in such a building, and nursed and tutored by experts, whose ambition was to do all they possibly could for the children."


On opening day the Deputy Architect gave a brief description of the school. It was designed, he said, to accommodate 350 junior and infant scholars aged five to eleven years, also a nursery class of 35 to 40 scholars aged from two or three years. The nursery class would have a large room in which the children would play their games, carry out their small duties or rest as the occasion demanded. Flanking one side of the classroom was a glazed verandah for work in the open air when weather permitted.

The remaining classrooms comprised of six ordinary sizes and one larger room- all designed to receive the maximum of sunshine and fresh air. The heating of the school was by a low pressure hot water system, designed to give five changes of air per hour, so that there would be no stuffiness such as one might find in older schools.

"We have done our best to give you a school of which you may be justly proud," he concluded.


To date there have been four Head Teachers:


Mr Bessant 1938-1963

Mr Foster 1963-1982

Mr Hadfield 1982-1997

Mrs Daniels - Now Mrs Roberts (married May 2016) 1997- July 2017

Mr Beisly Sept 2017


On opening day there were just over 100 children on roll. Numbers grew enormously over the next 25 years. By 1967 there were 681 children on roll. To accommodate all the pupils several temporary classrooms were built. Shortly after 1967 two new Primary Schools opened nearby, (Cherry Manor and Tyntesfield.) This took some of the pressure off the bulging Woodheys. By 1970 the roll had shrunk to 364.


On the 1st April 1974, the school ceased being a Cheshire School and became part of the newly created Trafford authority.


The School Buildings.


The original building is still in use, although it has been altered over the years. The school originally comprised of eight classrooms including a nursery classroom, a large hall, two pupil toilet blocks, a staffroom and various office and storage rooms.


When Woodheys was just a few years old more space was needed. In the 1940s, several extra classrooms and a kitchen with a canteen were built, (these were demolished in the early 1980s.) Other temporary classrooms were added after the Second World War, (four from the mid 1960s are still in use today.)


Alterations to the original building include:


  • Enclosing the open sided corridors (late 70s/early 80s)
  • Building a large nursery and reception class extension (mid 1990s.)
  • In the early-mid 2000s to reduce energy consumption some windows have been replaced with double glazing. Solar panels have been installed on the roof and a sky light has been added to the roof of a dark corridor.


The main changes to the school grounds have been:


  • A larger playground (and car park.)
  • An astro turf pitch on part of the field.
  • A wild life garden with pond.
  • A labyrinth.


The front of the School in 1959.