Woodheys Primary School

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Welcome to Year 5


Year 5 - where effort will always bring reward

 The upper key stage journey begins in Y5 where our school citizens are developed into motivated learners able to take charge of their learning environment


Thoughout the learning, the core subjects of Mathematics, English and ICT link in to all the other areas.

Science, Humanities teach us about our world, while the Artsmark Gold principles underpin the creative subjects of Art, Music and Drama.

New languages, new perspectives and new physical achievments all add to the unique educational experiences in our multi sensory classroom.


We really hope these few pages will give you a whistle-stop tour of our fantastic work and we look forward to working together for the rest of the year.


Best wishes from all in Y5



Mr Byrnes



Mr Brett





 For spelling this term we will be revisiting spellings that the children still struggle with during their independent writing. The spellings for the week beginning Monday 10th July are: marvellous, mischievous, necessary, neighbour, parliament, profession, pronunciation, restaurant, rhythm and sacrifice


Week Beginning 10th July 2017




For English Mr Brett's class  will be completing pages 50 and 51.  Mr Byrne's class will be completing pages 96, 97 and 98 which is mixed spelling. We are encouraging the children to access the reading eggspress website (http://readingeggspress.com/)  where they can take part in reading activities.



Mr Brett's -  In Maths we are learning about different types of measure. This includes; conversions of both metric and imperial measures of length, mass and volume. Our homework this week will be looking at capacity and word problems.


 Mr Byrne's - Mathletics homework this week is time and as we are starting statistics next week there will be a statistics task.