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Autumn 2016/17

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Celebrating 100 Years of Roald Dahl

As a way of celebrating Roald Dahl day, we researched information about him on the internet and wrote our found facts with our partners. We also designed, labelled and made chocolate bars using a variety of ingredients such as marshmallow, raisins, millions and magic beans. We then designed our own wrappers too. Then we got to eat them. Yum, yum, yum!

We also had a drawing competition running in KS1, to see who could draw the best Roald Dahl character. What fantastic artists we have in our school! Well done to all the children who entered and the parents who supported them.

3P Egyptian Day

 Well done to the children and their families for some wonderful costumes on Egyptian Day! We had a fun morning decorating Egyptian collars and making models of pyramids. 

3B Egyptian Day

What an amazing day!  Our school was awash with characters from all sorts of time periods: Victorians, Anglo Saxons and Romans to name but a few.  I think the Egyptians were the best, but I might be slightly biased :-) A huge thank you to the all the grown-ups who helped make this incredible event happen by assisting the children with costumes at home!  All your efforts were really appreciated as the children had a fabulous day bringing their Egyptian learning to life! 

In DT we made Egyptian collars, and in Maths we showcased our knowledge of the properties of 3d shapes by creating (and discussing using mathematical language) pyramids.  Ask us to play 'Guess the Shape' with you - the questions must be about vertices, edges and faces, and the response can only be yes or no!  

We have lots of photos to show you.  (Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the picture - you will then be able to use the scroll buttons at the side of the enlarged picture to move through the gallery).  Enjoy !

Manchester Museum - 6th October 2016

Today, Year 3 had a fantastic visit to Manchester Museum.  We got to explore several galleries during the morning and in the afternoon we were lucky enough to become archaeologists and explore genuine Egyptian artefacts.  We got to meet Asru too!  Ask us to describe her to you - she is quite an incredible woman.  We even discovered that one of our children was the same size as her - can you spot the photo?  Please enjoy looking through our gallery, and share our experience by asking us lots of questions :-)