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Welcome to Year 3!


Welcome to the Year 3 Class Web Page!

We hope you enjoy sharing lots of our fun experiences and learning journey. This is an opportunity to find out what goes on in Y3P!

Here you will find everything from photos and movies to golden rules and useful information.

Keep checking the website for updates on all the amazing things we’ve been getting up to.

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Class Timetable Y3 Summer 1


Spellings & Times Tables

Week 2 (Test 19/6/17, sentences to read)    3x tables

Week 3 (Test 26.6.17, sentences to read)    4 x tables

Week 4 (Test 3.7.17, sentences to read)  8 x tables

Week 5 (Test 10.7.17, sentences to read)      2,3,4,5,8,10 x tables

Week 6 (Test 17.7.17, sentences to read) 2,3,4,5,8,10 x tables



Week commencing 12.6.17

Maths: Measuring Length and How Long Is That?

English/Topic: Start thinking about your Geography project. What creative ways can you think of to present your learning at the exhibition?

Spellings: see booklet.

Times tables: 3 x tables

Handwriting: practise your spellings in your best handwriting! 


Week commencing 19.5.17

Maths: CGP book pages 30-31. Questions 5 & 6 are extra challenges.

English/Topic: Start to research your chosen country. Use the questions in your yellow book to help guide your research.

Spellings: see booklet.

Times tables: 4 x tables

Handwriting: practise your spellings in your best handwriting! 


Highlight of the Week - 3B

Phew, what a scorcher!  We thought that summer was here to stay, and it did ... for a couple of days :-) The heat didn't deter 3B from some fantastic fractions work (ask us to sing you the Fraction House Rock song!) and we have now really got to grips with our Talk For Writing project, The Legend of the Fairy Flag.  We are all learning the legend, using a story map and actions.  Maybe we could teach the legend to you?

On Friday, we hosted our very own Question Time.  We worked in table groups, preparing lots of questions for the three main characters of the legend then discussed some possible answers.  Three brave volunteers then helped us bring the characters to life!  They did a super job, Mrs McMichael was really impressed with what explained to her, and with the entire class for their amazing work on this.  Well Done, 3B !

Our beans are now ready for harvesting.  They look terrific, hopefully the pods we picked on Friday will have made it home and onto the children's plates for tea :-)  Thank you so much to Mrs McCran, for all her help, right through from planting, to tending and to the best bit today - picking!

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Highlight of the Week - 3P

Look at some of the amazing projects our class undertook during their holidays!

We visited a Hindu temple this week too. It was very interesting and ALL the children were exceptionally respectful.