Woodheys Primary School

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This Week


Monday 19th June

We hope that if you attended the circus you enjoyed the event. I am sure we will hear all about it this week.

This week our story is 'Bright Stanley.' We will be creating our own fish in the playdough. We will also be painting and designing our own Bright Stanley fish.

In Literacy we will be writing the story of Bright Stanley with a particular focus on narrative language. 

In Maths we will be focusing on capacity and working in small groups to problem solve.

You may have noticed the new sheds in our outdoor area. We are working hard to get these up and running for the children in the next week. One of these will be promoting reading in the outdoors along side some writing and the other will become our construction shed.

Just a reminder on Wednesday it is Rainbow day all Reception children have been asked to wear dark blue tops. This is so we can create our own school rainbow.

Monday 12th June

We hope you all had a wonderful half term and enjoyed the sunshine.

This week the children will all be given an opportunity to talk to an adult on a 1:1 about their holiday news. As part of their challenges they will be asked to independently write about it too.

The story that we will be looking at is 'Pirates Love Underpants' this will introduce our new small world area. The role play has now become and ice cream shop along side a beach shelter and barbecue.

In Maths we will be working on counting in 2's 5's and 10's. 

In Literacy we will be looking at descriptive words for our pirates.

The minibeast area has now been changed into enchanted fairy garden. We are hoping to see lots of creative and imaginative play in this area.

Please remember tickets are still available for the circus. 

Monday 22nd May

Our final week of mini beasts take us to discover snails and worms. Our story this week is 'Superworm.' Some of our challenges this week will include making snails in the play dough, sorting mini beasts in funky fingers and enjoying are our own snail race to read the tricky words.

In Maths our activities will reinforce the sessions on weighing we had last week. We will also be looking at the properties of 3D shapes. 

The children are particularly enjoying the tasting sessions and pointing out the countries on our globe. This week our country is Italy and we will be tasting Focaccia bread.

The children are on count down for our theatre trip on Friday. Can we please remind all parents that children are to be in school uniform on this day.

Over the holidays the children will be receiving extra reading books and some writing homework. We have some very keen readers and writers and it is lovely to see their self initiated work.

Monday 15th May

This week we are looking at spiders and as well as looking at non-fiction books we will be reading the story 'The Very Busy Spider.' The story tray within the classroom will allow the children time to re-tell the story with their peers.

We are continuing with our phonics and are having a huge push on writing. The children are welcome to bring in any writing they have done at home independently to share.

In Maths this week we are looking at weighing. We will begin by comparing two objects and using non standard units to weigh.

Please can we remind you to bring in your ICT questionnaires that will help with the assessment in this area. Also a reminder that the school trip to the theatre is on Friday 26th May and all parental consent forms must be sent into school today. 


Tuesday 2nd May

Our Minibeast story this week is 'What the Ladybird Heard.' As we are only in for three days we are going to carry the ladybird theme across two weeks. Please remember the children are not in school on Thursday 4th May due to a teacher training day.

Last week the children enjoyed working in their new phonics groups. We will continue with this until the end of term.

In Literacy we will be retelling the story using the different story language as well as writing our own sentences to describe the ladybird.

In Maths we will be looking at the concept of doubling numbers using the ladybirds spots.

For tasting this week we will be trying houmous on a carrot stick. We are trying to make the children more adventurous in their choice of foods.

We are noticing that the 'Reaching for the stars' home board is filling up nicely. If you would like more star sheets they are available to download or please come and ask us and wecan provide them for you.


Monday 24th April

We are continuing our topic on Minibeasts by looking at non fiction books about Bees. We will be using the information we find in our writing.

This week our phonics sessions will be moving to an afternoon and we will be working within different groups. This will enable us to tailor our planning to the correct phase that the children are working within.

Some of our challenge this week include making a bee in the playdough, using the pegs to collect pollen to put in the honey comb and choosing two numbered bees and adding them up.

In tasting this week we will be trying honey on brown bread. We will be discussing where the honey comes from and where abouts bees live.

Please can we remind all children to bring in their P.E kits as Tuesday afternoon we have P.E with Mr Daniels.

It is important that when reading with you child at home that you sign their reading record to let us know how they have got on at home and if there is any issues. We really appreciate the support that you give to your children it has a huge impact on their learning.


Tuesday 18th April

This half term we are starting our topic on Minibeasts by reading the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. We will be using a variety of objects to retell the story including story stones and a felt board.

We will also be looking at the life cycle of a caterpillar and trying to order it independently.

In Maths we will be looking at the concept of time starting with reinforcing the days of the week and moving on to looking at measuring time. 

Please remember to bring you holiday writing in this week so we can share your news with the rest of the class.


Monday 27th March

We are coming to the end of our traditional stories with the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' Along side this many of our activities will be Easter themed.

A reminder on Friday the children can wear their own clothes and bring in a donation for St Annes Hospice.

This week we will be sending home the phonics card that we use for writing in school. Over the holidays we would love to see the children practicing their writing skills as we are having a huge push on this next half term.

We will be testing the children on their phonic knowledge, using this information we will be grouping the children according to their needs ready to start in phase groups next term.

On Wednesday the Friends of Woodheys will be doing their annual Easter tombola. During the day the children will be taken down to the hall with their money to win a prize. Please send chocolate donations in as soon as possible.

After school on Wednesday there will be the judging of the Easter bonnets and decorated eggs. 

We hope you have a lovely Easter break and we look forward to seeing the children nice and refreshed on Tuesday 18th April.

Monday 20th March

Our theme of Traditional stories is continuing with the story 'Little Red Riding Hood.' We will also start to begin our theme on Easter.

In Maths we will be embedding and consolidating one more and one less than a given number up to 20. 

In Literacy we will continue the retelling of stories using small world and puppets. We will also be focusing on self initiated writing with a focus on shopping lists for Granny.

Some of our challenges this week will include using the pastels to draw spring flowers, making playdough wolves and opening plastic easter eggs to find a picture and then write the word.

On Friday the whole school will be celebrating Red Nose Day. It will be lovely to see the children wearing something red please remember to label your child's red nose as this can sometimes cause a little upset. We kindly ask for a donation.

This half term in P.E Mr Daniels has focused on different types of movement. The children have loved his Tuesday afternoon session and the teachers are learning lots of new ideas too.

In tasting we will be trying hot cross buns, following our Easter theme. 


Monday 13th March

This week along side reading the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' we will be looking at a non fiction book about pigs. We will be using this to make our own information sheet about pigs. We will be sharing this piece of writing with the rest of the staff in a writing moderation meeting in a few weeks time.

Huge apologies to those parents who were due to meet with Miss Perry on Thursday evening. All appointments have now been scheduled for Monday evening. 

In phonics we are learning 'ure' and 'er.' We will be consolidating all the sounds we have learnt using fun phonic games during the carpet sessions and challenges.

In the playdough we will be making our own pigs. The phonics challenge this week is to write different words on the wolf and pig phoneme frames. On Funky Fingers we will be picking the pigs out of the straw using tweezers we will then have to read the sounds.

In Maths we are starting to look at the number bonds to 10 using the numicon. This will be reinforcing our work on addition.

This week is science week we will be learning about different materials and their properties. We will be working on 2 experiments to do with the pigs houses.

Monday 6th March

Please make sure that you have booked a Parent's Evening appointment for this week. We are available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Any problems please see a member of staff.

This week we are continuing with our traditional tales theme by ready the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff.' 

In phonics we will be continuing to practice the trigraphs 'ear' 'air' and 'igh.' it is lovely to see how keen the children have been on using the Reading Eggs website at home. This is a wonderful resource for reinforcing the phonics at home.

In Maths this week we will be starting subtraction using the story of the Billy Goats.

Please remember to fill your 'Bags 2 School' and return to school for Friday. This is a wonderful way of earning money for our school funds.





Monday 27th February

We are celebrating World Book Day throughout this week. On Monday we have been invited into the hall with key stage 1 to meet an author. On Thursday all children are invited to dress up as their favourite book character. We will teaming with the lower juniors to have reading buddies the older children will be reading stories to us throughout the day.

The book fair will be running in the hall from Monday until Thursday evening. The children will be given their book vouchers today and these can be spent at the fair.

Our story this week is 'Goldilocks.' We will be looking at a variety of Goldilocks stories and comparing the differences. 

In Phonics we will be revisiting some of the pink sounds that we have noticed the children are struggling with. We have decided to do this rather than move on to new sounds. You should have received your Reading Eggs login in your children's book bag. If you are having any difficulties please ask or come to the Reading Eggs coffee morning on Monday 6th March with Mrs Holden.

In Maths this week we will be continuing with the recognition of coins and using money to pay for a variety of items.

On Tuesday we will be celebrating Pancake Day by reading Mr Wolfs Pancakes and tasting pancakes.

On Wednesday tasting will be porridge and we will be making a bar chart top show how many children like it. 

Monday 20th February

This week we will be launching Reading Eggs with all our children. They will each come home with a login and password there will be a letter to explain what Reading Eggs is all about. We are very grateful to the Friends of Woodheys for providing us with this. It has already been launched across the rest of school and is proving very successful.

Our topic this term is Traditional Stories. We are starting this with the story of ' The Gingerbread Man.' The children will be retelling the story using the story tray.

In the playdough we will be creating and decorating our own gingerbread characters.

One of our challenges this week is to independently write a sentence from the story of 'The Gingerbread Man.'

In Maths we will be beginning to look at money. This will include recognising the different coinsand using the amounts to buy things in our new vets role play.

Please remember to send in your childs P.E kits, waterproofs and wellingtons.





Monday 6th February

Our story this week is ' I will love you anyway' by Mick and Chloe Inkpen.

We are celebrating Valentines Day by talking in circle time about those that we love. This is a fantastic opportunity for personal and social skills alongside communication and language.

Our classroom will be heart themed including our funky fingers picking out the different sized hearts using tweezers and making words using heart shaped letters.

In Phonics we are learning to spell the tricky words 'the' and 'to' and read the tricky words 'my' 'was' and 'you'. Our sounds this week are 'ur' 'ow' and 'oi'. 

In Maths we will be working on estimating. Some of the activities will include how many heart gems it will take to fill a heart shape and counting how many it actually takes. We will also have an activity consolidating addition.

Thank you for all those parents who sent in money for the silver chains event. We raised over £700.



Monday 30th January

This week we are celebrating the start of the Chinese new Year. We will be looking at the way children might celebrate.

In the Home Corner we have added some Chinese food and cooking utensils as well as some chopsticks for us to try! The Water Tray is now full of dried rice. We are going to experiment with lots of measuring and pouring. In the Funky Fingers we are going to thread beads to create the Chinese dragons fire.

Miss Wardil has made us a lovely Chinese dragon head and we are going to be reading the words on the gold coins and placing the real words in his mouth.

Our story this week is called ' The Runaway Wok' It is a story about a magical mysterious wok. The sounds this week are 'ar' 'or' and 'ur'

In the writing area we are making our own Chinese cards.

In Maths this week we are reading the story of the Chinese race and looking at ordinal numbers.

Just a reminder that the presentation is at 6pm on Monday evening we look forward to seeing you there.

Monday 23rd January

This week our book is 'The Emperor's Egg.' This is the final week of our topic on Winter. We are hoping to find out lots of information on penguins. We have been learning about the difference between fiction and non-fiction text. 

We have lots of penguin activities including making penguins in the playdough and painting.

In funky fingers this week we are balancing marbles or pom poms on golf tees.

Our sounds this week are 'ie' 'oa' and 'oo.' At the end of this week we will be sending home the purple pack to help you reinforce the sounds at home with the children.

In Maths we are recognising, ordering and counting to 20 and back. We are consolidating our understanding of one more and one less up to 20.

Over the last few weeks in P.E we have been working on striking the ball using the flat of our hand as well as catching a ball. We have had to co-operate with each other and work as a team.

Please keep practicing your letter and number formation sheets as we are noticing some very unusual formation.

Our celebration assembly will start this week.


Monday 16th January

We would all like to say a huge welcome to our two new Reception children and their families. The children settled in so well last week.

Following on from the huge enthusiasm the children had for the small amount of snow we had last week, we are looking at a non-fiction book about Winter. In preparation we have asked the children what they already know and what they would like to find out. Some of their questions involved snowflakes and the freezing of water. We shall look forward to finding out some of the answers by the end of this week.

Our new sounds this week are 'ai' 'ee' and 'igh.' We are continuing to work hard on our segmenting and blending.

In Maths we are looking at and creating our own number sentences using addition. We are also looking at using everyday language related to time particularly sequencing events across the day.

Please remember on Tuesday afternoon we will be changing for the first time for our P.E lesson. Please make sure your child has their P.E kit in school. Some parents have expressed concerns about how their children will manage, please do not worry we are here to help. We use this experience as a taught session.

If your child has not brought in their wellington bag and outdoor wear please send this in as soon as possible as you can appreciate they are required at this time of year.







Monday 9th January

Welcome back. A huge thank you from all our team for the lovely gifts and cards that you sent us for Christmas. They were very much appreciated.

The children are all very excited to be back and we have enjoyed hearing their exciting news about their Christmas holidays.

We have noticed that some children are struggling with rhyme and rhyming words. So this week we are reading the story 'Oi Frog!' which is a funny story using lots of rhyme. We will also be working on rhyme bingo.

The sounds this week are 'th' and 'ng.'

In Maths we are revisiting making patterns with the children as well as revisiting the work we did before Christmas on 3d shapes.

As requested before Christmas we ask that all P.E kits are in school ready for next Tuesday. If you have any problems please come and see a member of staff.





Monday 12th December

We are now in the throes of Christmas activities. On the creative table the elves are busy wrapping their own presents. This is using a variety of skills including estimating, naming and recognising 3d shapes, fine motor skills and co-operating with each other.

We are all looking forward to seeing you over the next few days for our performances. We hope you enjoy our performance as much as the children have enjoyed rehearsing.

The story this week is 'Pete the Cat saves Christmas' this is a book about the Christmas spirit.

We will be completing our Christmas cards and making our Christmas decorations to take home.














Monday 5th December

Thank you to all those parents who gave to our 'Teddy Tombola.' It was a huge success and we even had queues out of the door.

This week we are starting Christmas with a swing. Our reading area has been transformed into a gingerbread house complete with its own fireplace. We have the Nativity figures in the small world area ready for the children to re-tell the story.

Our book this week is "Little Robin's Christmas.' This book has a particular Maths focus where we will be looking at ordinal numbers and making two and three colour pattens using the robins vests.

In phonics we will be learning the sounds 'qu' 'sh' and 'ch'

As Christmas cards are being written this is the perfect opportunity for the children to practice their name writing at home. It is important that they are forming the letters correctly.

Our Christmas production is now in full swing. Please do not worry about the children's costumes we provide all of them.








Monday 28th November

Last week the children enjoyed learning a little more about space using some non fiction books.

It has been lovely to see a number of boys enjoying the writing area we are going to extend this by introducing some tool belts filled with note books and pencils.

This week our story will be 'Aliens in Underpants Save the World' this will be the end to our topic on space.

In phonics this week we will be working on our blending skills to read real and fake words. We will be using the Obb and Bob game from www.phonicsplay.co.uk. We will be also learning the sounds 'x' 'y' and 'z' to complete our green set of sounds. All children should of received the green set of sounds last week.

You will have also noticed we have sent home the number formation laminated cards as promised at parents evening.

In Maths this week we are continuing to look at length and measuring including using the vocabulary tall, short and long. We are also comparing and ordering numbers.

It will be the school Christmas fair this Friday 5.00pm - 7.00pm. The Early Years department is running its own stall 'Teddy Tombola.' We would be very grateful of any teddy donations. This is an ideal time to clear out the cupboards ready for Christmas.


Monday 21st November

The children are particularly enjoying the use of their challenge books during activity time. Each week they are set a number of challenges that they have to complete over the week. Some of these activities of self differentiated and we are proud of how the children have taken this on board.

The story this week is 'Whatever Next!' We will be using props with the children to see if they can guess what the story is.

During our phonics sessions we will be introducing the sounds 'j' 'v' and 'y' as well as consolidating blending and segmenting all the previous sounds.

In Maths we are looking at measuring using non standard units.










Monday 14th November

Thank you to all parents for attending the parents evening last week. It was lovely to share your children's achievements with you and we also enjoyed hearing stories from home.

This week will be continuing our topic on space by reading the story of 'Aliens Love Underpants.' We will be sequencing the story by using picture cards as well as painting our own aliens and making them in the play dough area.

In Funky Fingers we will be practicing using nuts and bolts, pretending to make our own rockets whilst helping our fine motor skills.

The sounds we are learning this week are 'b' 'f' and 'l' we have already sent home these packs to help reinforce last weeks sounds as well. We are continuing to practice blending to read simple words.

In Maths we are starting addition by partitioning the number five.

In tasting this week we will be making our own alien smoothie.

On Friday it is 'Children In Need.' Your child can come to school wearing spots for the day. If they do not have spots please do not worry just send them in some bright clothes. We ask that they bring in a donation.

Please note we have added the 'Star Sheet' to Letters home so that you are able to print off more sheets as required.

Monday 7th November

Huge apologies for the issues we have had with the new online parents evening booking system. If you have still not got an appointment please see a member of staff.

This week we will be introducing our topic about space with the story 'How to Catch a Star.'

Some of our activities this week will include catching our own mini stars using rocket pegs as well as using the sound planets to make our own cvc words.

Our sounds we will be learning this week are 'u' 'r' and 'h'. We will be continuing to word build.

In Maths we will be reinforcing the concept of one more and introducing one more than a given number. We will also be looking at number formation.

This half term our P.E has been changed to a Monday afternoon. During the rest of the afternoons we will be looking at the celebration of Diwali. In tasting we will be trying vegetable samosas.

We look forward to seeing you all at parents evening.

Monday 31st October

We had a lovely pumpkin day in school please see Autumn 2016/17 for some pumpkin pictures. 

This week we are looking at the story of 'Leaf Man.' We hope you children have managed to complete the Autumn challenge we sent home at the end of half term. We will be using some of these materials to create our own leaf man.

In phonics this week we will be looking at the letters 'o' 'c' 'k' 'ck' and 'e.' A reminder to all parents if you have not sent in your phonics presentation evaluation please send it in as soon as possible as this helps us plan for future events. The children are enjoying learning the sounds and we ask that they bring their sounds books in their bags everyday.

In Maths we will be looking at introducing the use of Numicon. We will also be looking at adding 1 more.

In tasting this week we will be talking about Bonfire Night and tasting Parkin.

A huge reminder that all children need to bring in their wellington boots and outdoor wear. This is vital as we use the outdoor area in all weathers.


 Monday 17th October

A huge thank you to all those parents who sent in cake and particularly those who organised the running of our cake sale. As soon as we have added up the money we will let you know how much we have raised.

This week we will be reading the story of 'Pumpkin Soup.' We will also be tasting pumpkin soup made by the cat, duck and squirrel.

In phonics we will be introducing 'm' 'd' and 'g.'

In Maths we are looking at making repeated patterns as well as reinforcing the 2d shape properties.

The children will have brought home their sound books. Please remember the presentation on Tuesday 18th October at 6.00pm this will explain the support that you can give at home. If you can not make it please let us know so we can make sure you are given the information.

Just a reminder on Friday your child can come dressed to school in orange or as a pumpkin this will be the finale of our pumpkin week.

We hope that you all have a lovely half term and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday evening.


 Monday 10th October

 This week we are starting our topic on Autumn. We will be reading the story 'Tree: seasons come, seasons go' this will be our introduction to all of the seasons. We will be going on an Autumn walk around the school grounds and looking for signs of Autumn.

We hope you have enjoyed working on the phonics we sent home last week. Our new sounds this week are 'p' 'i' and 'n'.

In Maths we are looking at 2d shapes as well as positional language.

Huge reminder it is our EYFS cake sale on Friday. If you are free to lend a hand we would be very grateful. Please could you send cakes in with your child on Friday.

 Please take a look at our Autumn 2016/17 page where you will find some photographs of us enjoying our new classroom.







Monday 3rd October

This week our story is called 'Only One You' It is a story about a fish who is learning about the world from his parents. We are using it to build on our social skills. We have noticed that the children are struggling remembering each others names so we will be playing circle games to help with this.

Our dough disco has been a huge success this week so we will be starting each afternoon with a session to help build the strength in our hands.

This week we are starting our phonic sessions. We will be concentrating on oral segmenting and blending as well as the sounds 's' 'a' and 't'.

In Maths we will be counting fixed objects and actions, counting back and matching numerals.

We will also be starting our tasting this week. It will be a simple cheese biscuit with cheese spread to enable the children to get to know the rules and expectations within these sessions.


Monday 26th September

We hope that your children enjoyed sharing their first full week certificates with you. You will have noticed we put their laminated name card and a dry wipe pen in their book bags. This is to be kept at home for the children to practice writing their names with you. Just a few minutes a day will help them both with their pencil control and formation of letters.

Our story this week is Pete the Cat and his Magic Sunglasses. This is a story about feeling grumpy but how everyone has a good mood inside them. This story is to help continue to develop our personal and social skills. 

This week we are opening the Mark-Making and the Star Factor areas outside. The Mark-Making area is to encourage gross motor skills in the sand using sticks rather than pencils. The Star Factor will be promoting imaginative play using the musical instruments and microphones on the stage. We may find ourselves our very own number one hit for Christmas!






Monday 19th September

The children have all settled into their new classes so well and we are all really proud of them.
This week our story is Pete and the white shoes. We are enjoying learning the repeated refrains of these stories as
well as the songs. As part of our baseline we are observing the children within the different areas of learning. This helps us to look particularly at their personal and social skills as well as their language and communication.
We are continuing to enjoy our fruit time altogether as a class but over the next few weeks we will make this a self service activity.
The children enjoyed their dinners last week. If you would like to know what the children are having we are on week three of the menu sheet which you can find on the website.











Monday 12th September

This week we will be reading the story 'Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes.' We will be taking Pete around the different areas of the classroom to learn the rules and expectations in each area. We will also be using him to take us on a tour of the main school including the dinner hall.

Our personal and social work will focus mainly on eating our lunch in the hall and our lunch time routine.

The children have all settled in well in there first week and we look forward to another enjoyable week.

Monday 5th September

This week is our 'getting to know you' week. We will be settling the children into new routines and familiarising them with the setting. Alongside this, we will be helping them make friends. Please be aware some children will settle very quickly while others may take a little longer. Please don't be concerned if your child seems a little tearful or more tired than usual.

If you have any concerns about your child settling in please speak to a member of staff at the end of the day as mornings can be a little hectic.

For Health and Safety reasons please do not allow your child to play on the outdoor equipment before and after school. We want to keep your children safe and there will be plenty of opportunities for your child to use the equipment during session times.

A huge thank you to all those children who have brought in their waterproofs and wellington boots. Do not worry as there is still plenty of time!


We look forward to getting to know your child and working together with you this year.