Woodheys Primary School

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This Week 2016/17


Monday 12th June

We hope you all had a wonderful half term and enjoyed the sunshine.

This week we will be settling the children back into the nursery routine and introducing them to some of the new enhancements we have added into the areas. We will also be starting our new topic on pirates/the beach.

Mrs Gratton will be leaving on Friday to start her maternity leave and Mrs Howarth will be taking over from Monday 19th June. Mrs Howarth will be in school this week to meet the children and work alongside Mrs Gratton to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Monday 22nd May

Our final week of minibeasts takes us to discover snails and worms. Our story this week is 'Superworm.' Some of our challenges this week will include making snails in the play dough, making worms in the funky finger area and playing the snail race game with their peers.

In Maths we are exploring weighing. The children will be using a balance to compare different objects.

We are all looking forward to the minibeast party on Friday where we will be dressing up as minibeasts, making minibeast biscuits and having face paints. Please  could we remind you to return the slip to give permission for your child to have their face painted.















Monday 15th May

This week we are looking at spiders and as well as looking at non-fiction books we will be reading the story 'The Very Busy Spider.' The story tray within the classroom will allow the children time to re-tell the story with their peers.

Some of our challenges this week include catching spiders with tweezers in the funky finger area, making spiders in the creative area, exploring spiders in the water tray and counting spiders legs in the maths area.















Tuesday 2nd May

Our Minibeast story this week is 'What the Ladybird Heard.' As we are only in for three days we are going to carry the ladybird theme across two weeks. Please remember the children are not in school on Thursday 4th May due to a teacher training day.

Some of our challenges this week include making ladybirds in the playdough, painting ladybirds, sorting ladybirds and bees in the funky finger area, re-telling the story of 'what the ladybird heard in the story tray and counting and sorting dominoes in the maths area.

We will be learning about the life cycle of a ladybird and using non fiction books to find out information.

We will also be looking at maps and drawing a map of the farm from the story.







Monday 24th April

This week we are learning all about bees! We will be looking at non fiction books to find out information and we will also be enjoying the fictional story "The Very Greedy Bee".

Some of our challenges this week include making a bee in the playdough, using the tweezers to collect bees in the funky finger area and painting bees in the creative area.

We are also going to taste honey and we will be talking about where honey comes from and where bees live.

We will be using 'Bee Bot' this week which is a programmable toy. The children will be learning to how to make him go forwards and backwards.






Tuesday 18th April

We hope you all had a lovely Easter and are ready for a busy term ahead.

Our topic this half term is Minibeasts. This week we will be learning about Caterpillars and will be reading the story of 'The Hungry Caterpillar'. We will also be looking at non fiction books about caterpillars and butterflies.

We will be looking at the lifecycle of a butterfly and making our very own hungry caterpillar fruit salad!

In the maths area we are looking at symmetry and pattern and in the play dough the children will be creating and decorating their own butterflies.

On the funky finger table the children are threading buttons onto pipe cleaners to make a caterpillar. We have lots of mini beasts in the sand for the children to explore and find out about.

Monday 27th March

We are coming to the end of our traditional stories topic with the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. The children will be planting their own magic bean to bring home and look after. We will be introducing the children to our school allotment and the nursery children will be planting potatoes. Alongside this many of our activities will be Easter themed, including an easter egg hunt and making easter cakes.

A reminder on Friday the children can wear their own clothes and bring in a  donation for St Annes Hospice.

On Wednesday the Friends of Woodheys will be doing their annual Easter tombola. During the day the children will be taken down to the hall with their money to win a prize.

 We hope you have a lovely Easter break and we look forward to seeing the children nice and refreshed on Tuesday 18th April.


Monday 20th March

Our theme of traditional stories is continuing with the story 'Little Red Riding Hood". We will also start to begin learning about Easter.

Some of the challenges this week will include making chicks in the play dough, decorating easter eggs and hanging eggs on the Easter tree. The funky finger activity this week involves the children matching up plastic eggs to copy a pattern.

We will be tasting hot cross buns this week following our Easter theme.

On Friday the whole school will be celebrating Red Nose Day. It will be lovely to see the children wearing red. If you are sending your child in with a red nose please label it as this can sometimes cause upset.







Monday 13th March

This week along side reading the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' we will be looking at  non fiction books about pigs. We will be using this to make our own information sheet about pigs. We will be sharing this piece of writing with the rest of the staff in a writing moderation meeting in a few weeks time.

In the construction area this week we will be building houses for the three little pigs and in the play dough the children will be making their own little pigs.

In the creative area the children will be exploring colour mixing by blow painting and they will also have the opportunity to create their own little pig or big bad wolf mask.








Monday 6th March

This week our story is the 'Three Billy Goats Gruff'. We will be re telling the story and looking closely at the characters. The children will be designing their own troll and describing it to their peers.

In maths we are looking at repeating patters using characters from this weeks story.

In phonics we are continuing to work on oral blending and segmenting.












Monday 27th February

We are celebrating World Book Day throughout this week. On Monday we have been invited into the hall with key stage 1 to meet an author. On Thursday all children are invited to dress up as their favourite book character. We will be teaming with the lower juniors to have reading buddies, the older children will be reading stories to us throughout the day.

The book fair will be running in the hall from Monday until Thursday evening. The children will be given a book voucher and these can be spent at the fair.

Our story this week is 'Goldilocks.' We will be acting out the story taking on the roles of the different characters.

In Maths this week we will be looking at size using the story of Goldilocks.

We have porridge oats in the water tray for the children to explore.

On Tuesday we will be celebrating Pancake Day by reading Mr Wolfs Pancakes and tasting pancakes.

On Wednesday we will be tasting porridge and we will be making a  chart to show how many children liked it..



Monday 20th February

Our topic this half term is Traditional Stories. We are starting this with the story of ' The Gingerbread Man.' The children will be retelling the story using the story tray and during role play activities. 

In the playdough we will be creating and decorating our own gingerbread characters.

We are working hard to recognise and write our own names this half term. The Children all have a name card to put the the self registration board in the morning. Thought the day the children are encouraged to find their name card if they need to write their name.
















Monday 6th February

Our story this week is ' Guess How Much I Love You ' by Sam McBratney.

We are celebrating Valentines Day by talking in circle time about those that we love. and things that we love. This is a fantastic opportunity for personal and social skills alongside communication and language.

Our classroom will be heart themed including our funky fingers picking out the different sized hearts using tweezers and making friendship bracelets in the creative area.









Monday 30th January

This week we are celebrating the start of the Chinese new Year. We will be looking at the way children might celebrate.

In the Home Corner we have added some Chinese food and cooking utensils as well as some chopsticks for us to try! The Water Tray is now full of dried rice. We are going to experiment with lots of measuring and pouring. In the Funky Fingers we are going to thread beads to create the Chinese dragons fire.

In the writing area we are making our own Chinese cards.

In Maths this week we are reading the story of the Chinese race and looking at ordinal numbers.

In the creative area we will be making Chinese dragons and we will be tasting prawn crackers using chop sticks.

Monday 23rd January

This week our story is "Lost and Found." This will be the last week of our Winter topic. We will be finding out lots of things about penguins. We hope you like the penguins we have painted last week. You will notice them hiding in our classroom.

On our Maths table we will be sorting shapes and feeding them to the penguin.

In the playdough we will be creating our own little penguins.

The children have been particular interested in feeding the birds over Winter and how they can help look after them. So this week in funky fingers we will be making our own bird feeders.





Monday 16th January

Welcome back. A huge thank you from all of us for the lovely gifts and cards that you sent us for Christmas they were very much appreciated.

A welcome to all our new Nursery children who have started this week. We are very proud of our existing Nursery children who have been keen to help settle the new children in.

The children particularly enjoyed our story last week which was 'Polar Bear Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?' by Eric Carle.

This week we are following on their interest of polar bears by looking at a non-fiction book 'Polar Bears.'

On our funky fingers table we are threading beads on to pipe cleaners to create our own icicles to hang on the tree. 

Our Maths activity is using the fishing rods to catch the fish and match them to correct numbered polar bear.

Just a reminder to make sure your children have their waterproofs and wellingtons in school. They are particularly enjoying our outdoor area in the cold weather. We want to make sure they are wrapped up warm.







Monday 5th December

Thank you to all those parents who gave to our 'Teddy Tombola.' It was a huge success and we even had queues out of the door.

This week we are starting Christmas with a swing. Our home corner has been transformed with Christmas decorations and dressing up clothes. We have the Nativity figures in the small world area ready for the children to re-tell the story.

Our book this week is "Little Robin's Christmas.' This book has a particular Maths focus where we will be looking at making two and three colour pattens using the robins vests.

Our Christmas production is now in full swing. We will be going into the hall this week to practice on the stage!!





Monday 28th November

Last week the children were really engaged with the story 'Whatever Next' so we are going to continue working with this story this week. We will be looking at some non - fiction books about space and hopefully learning some interesting facts!!

In maths we are looking at number, counting sets of objects and matching the correct numeral to each set. 

We will be having lots of fun with the parachute this week which will develop gross motor skills and also involve the children to listen carefully to instructions.

We will be putting water beads into the water tray this week for the children to explore.

It will be the school Christmas fair this Friday 5.00pm - 7.00pm. The Early Years department is running its own stall 'Teddy Tombola.' We would be very grateful of any teddy donations. This is an ideal time to clear out the cupboards ready for Christmas.

Monday 21st November

This week we will be reading the book 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy. The children will be using props to act out the story and they will have the opportunity to re tell the story in the small world story tray. We will be making space rockets in the junk modelling area and the children will be working together outside to build their very own space rockets using the large construction. We are hoping to go on our very own space adventure this week!!

In Maths we are focusing on measure. We will be using language related to height and the children will be comparing and ordering objects.

The children are really enjoying learning the songs for our Christmas performance. We will be learning some more songs this week which I am sure you will start to hear at home!!


Monday 14th November

Thank you to all parents for attending the parents evening this week. It was lovely to share your children's achievements with you and we also enjoyed hearing stories from home.

This week will be continuing our topic on space by reading the story of 'Aliens Love Underpants.' We will be painting our own aliens and making them in the play dough area.

In Funky Fingers we will be practicing using nuts and bolts, pretending to make our own rockets whilst helping our fine motor skills.

In Maths we will be looking at pattern and shape.

On Friday it is 'Children In Need.' Your child can come to school wearing spots for the day. If they do not have spots please do not worry just send them in some bright clothes. We ask that they bring in a donation








Monday 7th November

Huge apologies for the issues we have had with the new online parents evening booking system. If you have still not got an appointment please see a member of staff.

This week we will be introducing our topic about space with the story 'How to Catch a Star.'

Some of our activities this week will include catching our own mini stars using rocket pegs, creating firework pictures in the transient art area and exploring the new space rocket in the small world area

We will also be learning about the celebration of Diwali this week. The children will have the opportunity to make Diva lights in the playdough and write Diwali card in the writing area.

We look forward to seeing you all at parents evening.







Monday 31st October

We had a lovely pumpkin day in school please see Autumn 2016/17 for some pumpkin pictures.

This week we are looking at the story of 'Leaf Man.' We hope your children have managed to complete the Autumn challenge we sent home at the end of half term. We will be using some of these materials to create our own leaf man.

In Maths we will be looking at introducing the use of Numicon. 

 We will be talking about how to keep safe on Bonfire Night and creating firework pictures in the creative area. 

A huge reminder that all children need to bring in their wellington boots and outdoor wear. This is vital as we use the outdoor area in all weathers.








Monday 17th October

A huge thank you to all those parents who sent in cake and particularly those who organised the running of our cake sale. As soon as we have added up the money we will let you know how much we have raised.

This week we will be reading the story of 'Pumpkin Soup.' We will also be tasting pumpkin soup made by the cat, duck and squirrel.

We have lots of pumpkin related activities for the children to explore this week.

During our group time sessions this week we will be focusing on listening skills and 2d shapes.

Please remember the presentation on Tuesday 18th October at 6.00pm this will explain the support that you can give at home. If you can not make it please let us know so we can make sure you are given the information.

Just a reminder on Friday your child can come dressed to school in orange or as a pumpkin this will be the finale of our pumpkin week.

We hope that you all have a lovely half term and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday evening.


Monday 10th October

This week we are starting our topic on Autumn. We will be reading the story 'Tree: seasons come, seasons go' this will be our introduction to all of the seasons. We will be going on an Autumn walk around the school grounds and looking for signs of Autumn.

We will be looking closely at our faces and talking about the similarities and differences between them. 

This week we are opening the Star Factor area outside. This area will be promoting imaginative play using the musical instruments and microphones on the stage. 


Huge reminder it is our EYFS cake sale on Friday. If you are free to lend a hand we would be very greatful. Please could you send cakes in with your child on Friday.

Please take a look at our Autumn 2016/17 page where you will find some photographs of us enjoying our new classroom.







Monday 3rd October 

This week we are looking at feelings and emotions to help to continue to develop our personal and social skills.

 Our story this week is 'Pete the Cat and his Magic Sunglasses'. This is a story about feeling grumpy but how everyone has a good mood inside them. 

In the play dough area this week the children will be given the opportunity to create faces and will be encouraged to talk about how their face is feeling.

This week we are opening the mark making area outside. This area is to encourage gross motor skills in the sand using sticks rather than pencils.

We are going to introduce our snack bar this week. The children will be shown how to independently access their fruit and milk when they are hungry and thirsty.









Monday 26th September

This week we will be reading the story 'Pete the cat and his White Shoes'. This story focuses on colour and repeated refrains. It has a very catchy song that I am sure the children will come home singing!

As part of our baseline assessments we are observing the children within the different areas of learning. This helps us look particularly at their personal and social skills as well as their language and communication skills. 

We our enjoying having Milk and snack altogether as a class but over the next few weeks we will make this a self service activity.












Monday 12th September

During the next few weeks we will be settling the children into new routines and familiarising them with the new settling. Please be aware that some children will settle very quickly while others may take a little longer. Please don't be concerned if your child seems a little tearful or more tired than usual.

If you have any concerns about your child settling in please speak to a member of staff at the of their session.

For Health and Safety reasons please do not allow your child to play on the outdoor equipment before or after school. We want to keep your children safe and there will be plenty of opportunities for  your child to use the equipment during session times.

A huge thank you to all those children who have brought in their waterproofs and wellies. 

We look forward to getting to know your child and working together with you this year.